Welcome to the wonderful world of Innov8 

At BCHS, we are proud to be pioneers of innovation. Through Innov8, our goal is to highlight groundbreaking advancements in the cleaning and hygiene industry. In this issue, we delve into transformative innovations and eco-friendly products set to revolutionise our lives. We recognise the significant impact of sustainability on both our present and future.

In this edition, we present a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions that are transforming everyday practices. Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional non-bio laundry detergents, highlighting our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Our feature on social enterprise showcases RE:MIND, a brand dedicated to charitable causes and sustainability. For those looking for convenience and eco-friendliness, we introduce Elephant Skin gloves – a superior alternative to single-use plastic gloves, designed to reduce plastic waste and environmental impact.

Explore the latest issue of Innov8 and immerse yourself in the inspiring and innovative world of the cleaning industry. Join us in creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.