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Luxury Washroom Products to Make Your Facilities Fabulous

The importance of having clean and well-stocked washroom facilities in your business or building cannot be underestimated.

BCHS Luxury Washroom

Research carried out by cleaning industry experts has found that 87% of people will be left with negative perceptions of a business if the on-site washroom is not up to scratch, so it’s absolutely worth investing the effort into making your washroom presentable for its visitors at all times – and thanks to social media and the proliferation of review sites, this might be most important to the restaurant and hospitality industry of all.

However, while having a hygienic and tidy washroom is essential, adding lavish touches to your washroom and paying attention to the small details will only help you to give your guests the fantastic first impression that you deserve. More and more businesses are installing washrooms that are worthy of the most exclusive spas and boutique hotels, including fitting it with the most cutting-edge washroom technology, such is their understanding of the impact that a wonderful washroom can make.

But when re-designing your washroom is a little outside your budget, you can make it look and feel instantly more appealing by providing luxury washroom products that add a touch of style and indulgence to one of the most important rooms in your business. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling luxury washroom products from the Bunzl CHS range to bring some flair to your facilities.

Pasture Naturals Stainless Steel Hand Wash Starter Pack

Pasture Naturals


As the washroom and skincare brand that’s favoured by Heathrow Airport, as well as many five-star locations around the UK and beyond, Pasture Naturals products have become synonymous with quality and luxury – and their Stainless Steel Hand Wash Starter Pack makes it easy to add them to your washroom too. The stylishly designed pump bottle wall holder is created from the highest quality stainless steel so it won’t rust or tarnish, and your guests will love the delightful, long-lasting fragrances of the bestselling Pasture Naturals Neem Tree Hand Wash, which like all Pasture Naturals products is proudly British made, contains natural ingredients, is completely paraben-free and most importantly, feels utterly indulgent on the skin.

Pasture Naturals Indian Mulberry Healing Hand Lotion

Pasture NaturalsIf you love the gorgeous fragrance of the Pasture Naturals Neem Tree Hand Wash, complement it with their silky Indian Mulberry Healing Hand Lotion, which is infused with noni fruit from the Pacific Islands to give it a light aroma and leave the skin smooth. It’s also lightweight and non-greasy, creating a pleasant sensation for your washroom guests and a fragrance that lasts long after it is applied.

Pasture Naturals Hand Sanitiser with Vitamin E

Pasture NaturalsIn a survey carried out by Tork manufacturer SCA, hand sanitiser was named as one of the top five products that people expect to see in a washroom in order to give the perception that it is hygienic – along with the most basic products such as toilet paper and hand towels. The Pasture Naturals Hand Sanitiser with Vitamin E is a luxurious alternative to most hand sanitisers that can have a strongly alcoholic fragrance and a drying feel on the hands, as the enriched gel leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and with a light floral scent.

Kimberly-Clark Professional Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser Pop Up Box Cover

8799241207838Offering pop-up hand towels, rather than those from a wall dispenser or even a hand dryer, gives your washroom an unexpected touch of luxury that’s also perfectly practical. This sleek yet sturdy stainless steel box cover by Kimberly-Clark Professional is designed to be partnered with Kleenex Ultra Soft Pop-Up Hand Towels, which have a premium, cloth-like feel, and together these products will add elegance to the counter-tops in your washroom.

Kleenex Facial Tissue in Oval Presentation Box

Kleenex Facial Tissues

Whether for touching up makeup in women’s washrooms, or helping to encourage healthy workplaces for everyone, washroom guests always appreciate when facial tissues are on offer, especially when they are from a trusted brand like Kleenex. These oval tissue presentation boxes are available in a variety of colourful yet stylish designs to add a welcome dash of colour to your washroom and enhance your décor, so pop a box by the mirrors or beside the sinks to show that you really care about the needs of your guests.

What features or products do you believe should always feature in a luxurious washroom? What are your favourite luxury washroom products, or which ones will you be adding? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a comment below.

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