Cleaners know that no two cleaning assignments are the same. A simple spillage of water can be easily cleaned up with a mop and bucket, but larger surface areas should be tackled with something different.

Floors in office blocks, hotel lobbies, hospital wards and restaurants require daily cleaning to maintain high standards, so having the right equipment available can bring long term benefits – saving the company time and money. With innovation in the sector taking floor cleaning equipment to the next level, floor cleaning ranges are getting smarter and the number of options larger.

Floor cleaning equipment


Floor cleaning equipment

A method familiar to everyone whether they clean domestically or commercially, traditional mopping has long been the go-to method of floor cleaning on any hard floor surface. Mopping requires a great deal of manual work, making it unsuitable for large surface areas. However, bathrooms, kitchen spaces and stairwells will all benefit from a mop at the end of the day.

There is more than one kind of mop head available, with the socket mop and Kentucky mop being most common. Each type of mop can vary in the material; with popular options including cottonhygiene and non- woven. Many workplaces decide to colour coordinate their mop heads in order to prevent cross-contamination. For example, blue mop heads are suitable for general low-risk areas, green are for general food and bar use, red is for bathrooms and toilets, and yellow is for clinical use. Colour coding, in general, can help to keep your cleaning processes safe from cross-contamination.

Vacuum Cleaners


Another essential in and outside of the home, this is a tool which is integral to cleaning floors and upholstery with ease of use in mind. Its quick suction means that regular use of a vacuum cleaner can help reduce the number of allergens in the environment. Like other cleaning equipment, the vacuum cleaner will need regular maintenance in the form of disposing of the collected dust inside.

Depending on your needs, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning heavily carpeted areas, tub vacuum cleaners benefit from compact size and portability, backpack vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice for flexibility, and battery vacuum cleaners for quickly cleaning small areas.

Dust Mopping

Unlike the traditional mop, the dust mop is designed to be used dry rather than wet, meaning that no bucket or drainer is required for its use. Made from a microfiber or synthetic material which is designed to attract and hold onto dust, they are accompanied by a long handle, which enables them to reach higher places such as walls and ceilings. Dust mopping is an important first step in floor care, where any dirt or surface soils can easily be removed before any liquids are added during the mopping process.

Carpet Cleaning Machines


Designed to not only clean carpets but stairs, upholstery, laminate and tiled floors, a carpet cleaning machine is a lifesaving product when it comes to quickly picking up accidental spills and tackling tough stains.

Taking carpet cleaning to the next level is the GEN 4 Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine by Cleantec Innovation, a zero moisture carpet cleaning system which ensures that the carpet is dry for immediate use. With a 50% reduction in cleaning times, zero downtime and zero increase in bacteria count on carpets it cleans, this is floor cleaning innovation at its finest.

Rotary Cleaning Machines

Rotary Cleaning Machines

These machines have all the benefits of scrubber drier machines but in a smaller package. Their size and weight allow cleaners to easily reach under tables and desks without having to move the furniture, whilst also ensuring that they’re cheaper than the alternative. A solution tank allows you to easily store concentrated cleaning fluid for use whilst the rotary cleaner is working. They’re also ideal for smaller buildings as they can be easily stored away in the cleaning cupboard when not in use.

The TASKI ergodisc 438 is a high-speed cleaning machine that allows you to be as cost-efficient as possible – particularly suited to spray cleaning and buffing.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning up both wet and dry messes, and they’re effective in a range of applications – allowing cleaners to work quickly and effectively. The vacuum works by picking up wet and dry waste materials in one go so that there’s no need to repeat clean. For example, floor cleaning which might have included firstly brushing and then mopping can be condensed into simply using the wet vacuum.

Scrubber Drier Machines


Tackling large areas of flooring in commercial environments, a scrubber drier machine uses high contact pressure as it washes, scrubs and dries in one swift movement for a flawless finish.

For a more compact option to the traditional scrubber drier machine, the Karcher BR35/12 Scrubber Drier is cordless with the manoeuvrability of a flat mop; ideal for those who don’t have a highly trained operator at their disposal. It effortlessly removes dirt through its unique patented cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing and recovery system to leave floors clean, dry and ready for immediate use.

Tips to choose the right floor cleaner

Now you know which type of floor cleaning equipment is best for your actual floor cleaning needs, here are a few further tips and things to consider helping you make the right choice to keep your floors in top condition:

  • If you’re cleaning space with several different floor surfaces (i.e. carpet and linoleum), consider which floor cleaner is best suited in terms of versatility
  • Remember that some floor cleaners require power to work, such as scrubbers, so check power sources are available. If not, you’ll have to rely on manual equipment like mops
  • Depending on the frequency and intensity of the floor cleaning required, make a decision on whether it’s more cost-effective to invest in a floor cleaner or hire an external cleaning company
  • Who will be using the floor cleaner you choose? While some of the manual machines are very easy to use, the larger machines may require more knowledge or experience
  • Does the floor cleaner need to be quiet or discreet? If so, manual equipment is potentially the right choice, whereas otherwise, automatic cleaners can be more effective