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As a busy and vibrant environment, it’s absolutely vital that schools are maintained to a high standard to keep all students and staff happy and healthy.

Schools Cleaning and Supplies Template


Often acting as a hot bed for spreading bacteria, schools need to make sure that they have everything they need to maintain a healthy classroom and are implementing the correct practices. All school premises should be clean and well ventilated, with infection control a key priority for cleaning staff, teachers and pupils alike.

We look at initiatives which are encouraging education professionals to take a ‘cleaner’ approach, and reveal some shocking information on what’s really lurking in the classroom.

We understand that the average school day is demanding, so we’ve also created a FREE downloadable and printable cleaning schedule and supplies list for schools Enjoy!

The School Bacteria Hotspots You Might Not Be Aware Of

Did you know that school canteen trays can carry around 33,800 bacteria per square inch? Disgustingly, this is considerably more than a toilet seat which carries on average 3,200. The research was carried out by NSF, who conducted an experiment to find out where germs are most commonly found in local schools, and the results were eye watering!

What Did the Experiment Involve?

A variety of surfaces that children regularly come into contact with at school were tested for bacteria, with the goal of discovering which areas of the school teachers and cleaning staff need to take into consideration. Naturally, everyone wants to protect their pupils from exposure to germs and bacteria which can easily put a child’s health at risk.

Take a look at the table below to familiarise yourself with the top bacteria hotspots.

NSF Findings


What is Being Done to Encourage Sustainable and Sanitary Schools?

Understanding that schools should be cleaning for both health and the environment, there are a number of initiatives in place in the UK.

One of these is Eco-Schools, an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey through a simple framework, helping sustainability become a key part of school life. Wishing to create good habits in schools which will be followed through into homes and communities, Eco- Schools works with InnuScience as their key green cleaning supplier. InnuScience encourages people to use planet-friendly products around children, students and staff alike, with the aim of improving the health and safety liability and overall wellness of the institutions involved.

Working alongside Eco-Schools is Keep Britain Tidy, who are currently running its “Let’s Talk Rubbish” campaign; the biggest ever school litter campaign which aims to teach children a very basic lesson. This lesson is that dropping litter does harm and putting it in a bin can make a big difference. Downloadable content is available for those who wish to get involved.

Don’t forget your homework!

Download our cleaning and supplies template made specifically for schools and never run short of supplies again.

Free cleaning schedule and supply template for schools

How does your school approach cleaning and maintenance? Please leave us a comment below and let us know how you are tackling it or Tweet us your photos of your school using our downloadable template @BunzlCleaning

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