Cleaning public toilets is a top priority for business owners who recognise that they will make a lasting impression – good or bad. Aside from being visually displeasing and odorous, blocked urinals compromise hygiene standards and are expensive and difficult to deal with. In both waterless and flushing urinals, most cleaning products will mask the smell, but do nothing to deal with the source of the problem, which is uric acid crystals in the pipework.

The build-up of uric acid crystals results in a restricted flow from the urinal, causing blockages that can be dislodged only by extreme measures, such as using harsh chemicals, physical removal of the uric acid or replacing the pipes completely. There is, however, a preventative solution that is easy to use, cost-effective, and kind to the environment – Eco-Tabs Uric Acid Tablets

How to keep urinals clean

As with any problem, it’s best to get to the root of the issue rather than mask it with a quick fix. And if that long-term solution saves you money while protecting the environment, what’s not to love? 

Uric acid build-up can corrode both metal and plastic, causing irreparable damage to the pipework. Eco-Tabs work by digesting the uric crystals, preventing the occurrence of damage and offensive odours, meaning that you will only need one product to keep the urinals clean.

This streamlines costs and work processes by eliminating the need for superfluous products like disinfectant blocks, air fresheners, bleaches, and acids – products that do not prevent uric acid build up as effectively, even with regular use.

How to clean a urinal

PPE required for cleaning urinals

Staff who clean urinals must wear adequate PPE to protect themselves from contamination and comply with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. When cleaning urinals, employees must be equipped with:

Staff will also require access to colour-coded cloths, mops, buckets, and floor signs.

How to clean a urinal

How you clean a urinal will vary minorly depending on what type it is, but generally, you can follow the below steps to clean your urinals:

  1. Start by flushing the urinals, before checking the urinal channel for debris. Safely dispose of any debris.
  2. Apply toilet cleaner or bleach around the urinal and leave it to work if necessary.
  3. Starting at the highest point, use a cloth to clean around the urinal (the tiles behind it and the pipes)
  4. Next, use a toilet brush to thoroughly clean the urinal.
  5. Mop the floor and surrounding area.
  6. Add Eco-Tabs to the urinal.

How do uric acid tablets work?

Once wet, Eco-Tabs search for a food source which they locate in the urinal, pipework and fittings. The Eco-Tab uric acid tablets then digest the uric acid crystals, killing the bacteria which is then washed away in the wastewater. The by-products of this process are environmentally friendly, consisting of 95% aerated water and 5% carbon dioxide.