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Occupational Skin Care Quiz: How Many Deb Stoko Pictograms Can You Name?

As one of the most valuable tools we have at our disposal, keeping our hands happy and healthy should be a priority for all.

However, at work, our skin can be exposed to a variety of substances and environments over prolonged periods of time. Whether it be through frequent hand-washing, contact with chemicals, exposure to extreme temperatures or wearing gloves, many are at risk of developing skin problems such as dermatitis.

Deb Stoko Quiz

And if you are an employer, occupational skin care really is in your hands. According to the HSE,

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) (COSHH), employers have to make sure that employees’ exposure to hazardous materials by skin contact and absorption through the skin is either prevented or, where this is not reasonably practicable, adequately controlled.”

Part of this means ensuring that there are adequate facilities for washing and good skin care available for employees, including a supply of warm water, paper hand towels, and moisturising creams. Employees must also be educated about the importance of thorough drying of the skin after washing and the use of moisturisers to replace the natural skin oils lost by washing and the action of certain substances on the skin.

Why Should My Workplace Use Deb Stoko?

As the world’s leading occupational skin care specialist, Deb and Stoko have combined to bring together innovation, science and 80 years of expertise to lead the fight against occupational skin disorders. They are supported by the world’s largest dedicated skin care sales team, and have a core purpose of creating a health and safety culture which truly makes hands matter in the workplace.

They offer a four step approach to superior skin care –

  1. Protect

These are skin protection creams which help protect the skin against contact with workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. This may include conditions like contact dermatitis, or protection against harmful UV rays. You can find out more about Deb Stoko’s ‘protect’ ranges in action in our blog posts, How to Prevent Contact Dermatitis at Workand How to Protect Yourself from UV Rays”.

  1. Cleanse

Another step to preventing occupational dermatitis is by thoroughly cleansing the hands. Deb Stoko offers a wide range of cleaners which assist with the removal of dirt and irritants and at the same time, keep skin in a healthy condition. This includes products like Deb Agro Power Wash, a perfume free hand cleaner lotion which has the power to remove oil, grease, fats and grime.


  1. Sanitise

As we’ve previously discussed, infection control in the workplace through handwashing is hugely important, and Deb Stoko’s hand sanitising range means that a higher level of hand hygiene and skin disinfection can take place. They can be used without water to kill germs, providing quick and easy solutions for those on the go. Deb InstantFOAM Complete can be made available in key areas to employees to quickly kill 99.999% of many common germs.

  1. Restore

It’s vital that we keep hands in a supple condition by avoiding dryness. After-work skin restore creams help maintain the skin and keep it in a soft, healthy condition. A skin condition cream such as Deb Stokolan Light PURE, is an excellent example of a mild after-work conditioning cream which provides effective skin care whether it is dry, sore, chapped or in a normal condition.

Understanding that a diverse range of people will be using their skin care product ranges, Deb Stoko has ensured that all of their packaging can be universally understood, which includes usage pictograms. To see how many of their pictograms you really know and understand, we’ve put a quiz together below. It’s time to get hands on!

Take Our Tricky Deb Stoko Pictogram Quiz Here!

What did you score in our tricky quiz? Comment below, or Tweet us @BunzlCleaning with your score.

If you are interested in making hands matter in the workplace, and wish to stock any of Deb Stoko’s skin ranges, you can shop the full Deb Stoko collection here.

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