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The future of washroom cleaning

Your sales team all have tablets, you order your supplies online, you have a computerised accounts system and everyone in the office has a computer, right?

So why are you still recording your washroom cleaning schedules on a piece of paper with a pen that no one can ever find?

WandaNEXT The future of washroom cleaning

Technology has taken its time to get around to some of the more hidden aspects of running a business open to the public. But as we know, where there are people, there must be washrooms. And washrooms need to be kept presentable, clean, and stocked up. If you are using computer technology throughout your business, you’ll instantly get why you should consider using it in your washrooms.

Here at Bunzl, we love any kind of innovation in cleaning, so we were delighted when we found out about the next big revolution in washroom cleaning. It’s called WandaNEXT™. It ticks all the boxes for a washroom monitoring system – and you don’t need a pen to tick them with.

What is the WandaNEXT™?

Washroom cleaning customer interface

Exclusive to Bunzl, at its simplest the WandaNEXT™ is a computerised washroom monitoring system. However, like all the best technological solutions, its sleek and user-friendly interface belies the clever stuff ‘under the bonnet.’

The user interface is a commercial grade tablet with an antimicrobial touchscreen, wall-mounted in your washroom. This informs customers when the washroom was last serviced and allows them to alert you if there are any problems.

Instead of a paper-based washroom cleaning record, cleaners log into the system and record the jobs they have completed, including replenishments. The WandaNEXT™ builds on all the data that is input to provide both real-time updates and forecasts.

The WandaNEXT™ allows you to manage and monitor cleaning rotas, replenish stocks using real-time data, forecast and cater for high traffic times and much more. Additionally, and not to be underestimated, it reassures your customers that you are a forward-looking company who cares about their comfort.

How does WandaNEXT™ help you manage your washroom cleaning?

WandaNEXT management dashboard

You don’t want to spend your time organising, monitoring and improving something which is necessary but not revenue-generating, do you? The WandaNEXT™ uses smart technology to take the leg-work out of managing and streamlining your washroom cleaning, benefitting your business in three key areas:

It improves staff efficiency and accountability

Easily integrated into your network, the WandaNEXT™ analytics dashboard shows how efficiently your cleaning team are working compared to yesterday, last week or last year, and how quickly they are responding to customer alerts. This mean staff are more accountable, you can provide appropriate training, implement better cleaning practises, and operate more efficiently.

You can also use the WandaNEXT™ to ensure and demonstrate that you are meeting your public health and safety requirements.

It reduces waste and costs

WandaNEXT™ provides vital insights into traffic patterns, cleaning task time requirements and supply use. This means that your facilities manager can use it to set replenishment thresholds and streamline cleaning schedules, reducing wastage and keeping costs down.

You can also set up alert settings and replenishment notifications to ensure that issues and shortages can be addressed immediately, which of course keeps your customers happy and reduces complaints.

It increases customer satisfaction

WandaNEXT™ is perfect for commercial properties, shopping centres, airports, conference centres, hospitals and other high-traffic areas. It makes your washroom cleaning schedules more efficient and indicates to your users that you care about them.

A research study carried out by Alberta University in Canada, confirmed that installing WandaNEXT™ in certain public washrooms resulted in those washrooms being perceived as being significantly cleaner than washrooms without the system.

Washroom cleanliness is one of the most important factors for people visiting public places. Getting it right means people are happy to spend time at your facility. That not only generates higher sales per customer visit but creates positive word of mouth and attracts new customers.

WandaNEXT in a washroom

Ask for your WandaNEXT™ demonstration today

WandaNEXT™ is new to the UK and exclusive to Bunzl.  Seeing is believing, so book your demonstration here and take your washroom management into the 21st century.

Now, where’s that pen…?