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Winter Weather Supplies Checklist: Don’t Put Your Business On Ice

When winter weather takes a turn for the worst, it’s hugely important to put safety first in order to avoid slips and trips during icy and snowy conditions.

During the winter we all become familiar with tackling floors wet with melted snow, bunched up doormats and icy car parks but are you and your business doing enough to minimise the risk of these safety hazards?winterweathersupplieschecklist

We take a look at the considerations which every business should place front of mind during
the winter months.

Is Your Business ‘Winter Ready?

According to HSE, regardless of the size of the site or property which your business occupies, you should always ensure that regularly used walkways are promptly tackled. When it comes to ice, frost and snow, it’s important to be ready to take action whenever freezing temperatures are forecast, so always keep an eye on weather service sites such as the Met Office or the Highways Agency.

Once you have identified the outdoor areas which will most commonly be used by pedestrians, it is vital to put a procedure in place to prevent an icy surface forming on these surfaces and ensure that pedestrians keep off the slippery surface where possible. In order to achieve this, the following techniques are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive –

  • Use grit or similar, on areas prone to be slippery in frosty, icy conditions;
  • Consider covering walkways e.g. by an arbour high enough for people to walk through, or use an insulating material on smaller areas overnight;
  • Divert pedestrians to less slippery walkways and barrier off existing ones.


To find out more about the legal obligations which are required when taking precautions against adverse weather conditions, take a read of our blog post, ‘Get Your Business Winter Ready with These Cleaning and Safety Essentials.”

Using Grit For De-Icing Floors

Cheap, quick and easy to spread, gritting using rock salt is the most commonly used substance which you will see being used by public roads and highways authorities. The salt can stop ice forming, and cause existing ice or snow to melt. It’s important to use rock salt as soon as ice or snow is forecast as it doesn’t work instantly – it needs sufficient time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor.

The best times for gritting are early in the evening before the frost settles, or in the morning before your employees arrive. The use of salt on a regular basis can cause calcium deposits on floors and carpets, which is why you should consider using a calcium remover and cleaner such as InnuScience Nu-Biocal Calcium Remover & Cleaner. Nu-Biocal is a biotechnology-based cleaner. This pH-neutral product will not damage floor finishes, marble, terrazzo, carpet fibres and colours, or any floor covering.

Download Our Free Winter Weather Supplies Checklist

You can never be too prepared when it comes to the weather in Britain. Make sure that you have all the supplies which you may need by keeping our free winter weather supplies checklist close to hand.  Download it now here for free.


You can easily purchase all of our winter weather essentials in our winter products selection. Defrost your business risk by making sure that you are stocked up and ready to tackle winter weather.

If you’ve downloaded and used our ‘winter weather supplies list’, we’d love to see. Tweet us your pictures @BunzlCleaning.

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