Office Cleaning Essentials Guide

Over the past year, regular cleaning and sanitation have become more important than ever before. We all have a responsibility to make sure our hands and workspaces are sanitised, not just for hygiene reasons but for personal safety.

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need cupboards full of cleaning sprays, gels, and liquids to keep your workspace spick and span. A small collection of multi-purpose equipment may be all you need to clean and sanitise your office, keeping it looking good and your employees feeling great.

Take a look at our office cleaning equipment buying guide below and check that you’re stocked up for success!

Disinfectant products

In the current climate, it’s crucial to make sure your office is frequently disinfected to protect your employees – and yourself – from becoming ill. You may find that you want to perform a thorough clean more regularly, and using a disinfectant product like Cleanline Ultra Disinfectant – is the best way to do it.

This comes in a large 5-litre bottle, allowing you to refill your own trigger-spray bottles to reduce plastic waste – and, also, save you some storage space. It’s suitable for use in hospitals, care facilities, restaurants, and schools. It’s also particularly effective at eliminating bacteria, even that which causes COVID-19. Simply spray, wipe thoroughly, and you’re good to go.

Another versatile cleaning product, disinfectant cleaning wipes have a list of uses that’s almost endless. Having one or more tubs of anti-bacterial cleaning wipes handy in the office will make it simple for your employees to keep their own workspaces clean, by wiping and sanitising their desks, keyboards, phones and computer mice, quickly cleaning up spillages or crumbs in the kitchen, and keeping on top of washroom cleaning in between regular deep cleans.

Our Cleanline Sanisafe Disinfectant Wipes are quick-drying and effective against tough bacteria and viruses, including Swine Flu and Salmonella, so as well as keeping their desks and workspaces gleaming, your employees will also be proactive about infection control.

Computer screen and glass cleaner

There is one snag to disinfectant cleaning wipes: if they contain alcohol then they can’t be used to clean computer screens, as they may damage the protective coating on the glass. Instead, you should use a specially formulated cleaner like the Premiere Workstation RTU Cleaner – a foam cleaner in a handy trigger spray bottle that effectively cleans grease and smudges from a computer, telephone and tablet screens, and also has anti-static properties to reduce the build-up of dust.

The Workstation RTU Cleaner isn’t just for computer screens though, as it can also be used to clean other surfaces including partitions and windows, desks, cabinets, and laminate surfaces. All in all, it’s a really handy multi-purpose product that will help you care for your office environment.

Canteen Kitchen cleaner and washing up

Whether you have 3, 30 or 300 employees, keeping your office’s kitchen clean never seems to be an easy task! From tea splashes to stubborn stains in microwaves, you need a powerful kitchen cleaner that can tackle them all easily.

Fortunately, the Cleanline Lemon Washing Up Liquid is more than capable, as it’s an anti-bacterial cleaner and degreaser that will take care of all food spillages, plus it’s perfume-free so you won’t be left with any strong smells after cleaning. Proven to clean 99.99% of bacteria, it’s the only product you need for cleaning and sanitising all your office kitchen surfaces, including door handles, fridges and bins.

Don’t forget to stock up on your washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets too. Our 2.5-litre bottles of Original Fairy Liquid are budget-friendly and ideal for stocking up, whereas environmentally-friendly Cleaning Dishwash Tablets 5 in 1 will care for your office crockery as well as the environment, as they only contain natural, sulphate-free cleaning powders and are wrapped in a soluble wrapper to help reduce your waste.

Washroom cleaner, hand wash and toilet paper

As one of the busiest rooms in any office, the washroom requires careful cleaning and disinfection. Keep it fresh and ready for employees or visiting clients with the TASKI Sani 4-in-1 Washroom Cleaner, which disinfects, descales, cleans and deodorises any washroom surface, and can even be used on floors. For a bit of extra sanitation power, consider using the Cleanline Ultra Disinfectant over surfaces like taps, door handles and toilet seats throughout the day to ensure a thorough clean.

To help further control infections in the washroom, treat your employees to a luxurious anti-bacterial handwash like Pasture Neem Tree Refreshing Handwash, which unlike many other handwashes, does not dry out the hands and has a pleasant floral fragrance. And of course, every office washroom needs quality toilet paper too, and Pristine Toilet Roll comes at an affordable price.

Office cleaning equipment

To keep your office as clean as can be, you should also be sure to have a stock of equipment to tackle any problems that may occur. Our Cleanworks Lobby Dustpan can be on hand to sweep up any small messes without any fuss. The long handle makes it practical and easy to use – and means no one has to get down on their hands and knees to clean up any spillages.

It’s also good to have some Wypall Microfibre Cloths to hand to wipe up any spillages. They’re reusable and environmentally friendly and can be machine washed up to 300 times. They can withstand any cleaning purpose from mopping up a tea spillage, right through to the toughest of stains on a rough area. In the same way, be sure to have a mop to clean up any liquid spillages on the floor.

Which multi-tasking cleaning products do you swear by for keeping your office or workplace clean? Do you have any tips or hacks for keeping your office looking good? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.