Everyone loves the idea of having an environmentally-friendly workplace, and reducing the impact they have on the environment simply by running their business.

Green WorkplaceThere are certain formal incentives in place for doing so, such as environmental tax reliefs introduced by the government, but on the whole everyone benefits from having a more environmentally conscious workplace – but does your bottom line?

It’s true that there are several major, costly steps that you can take to create a ‘greener’ workplace, and while they are beneficial in the long run, they aren’t always feasible in the short-term. Here are several easy ways to start moving your business in the right direction that won’t see your budgets suffer.

Try a greener cleaning routine


Environmentally-friendly cleaning products have been the talk of the cleaning and hygiene industry for some time now, as more light is shed on the detrimental effects that certain, more ‘traditional’ types of cleaning products can have on the environment.

In response to this, institutions such as AISE have formed charters to encourage the cleaning industry to adopt more sustainable practices, including the use of environmental cleaning products, and being more economical with product use – such as by using concentrated chemicals and diluting them, rather than buying large quantities of ready-made chemicals that require production and transportation. If you require a cleaning service for your business, consider one that has made a commitment to environmental sustainability, or if you operate such a service yourself look at the practices you can introduce to reduce your environmental impact.

Reduce, re-use and recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reducing, re-using and recycling are some of the easiest, cheapest and most fundamental ways that you can take an environmentally-conscious approach to your business.

And the best part is that every type of business can follow the three R’s in some way, whether it’s encouraging your staff to only print documents when absolutely necessary in order to reduce paper consumption, using re-usable microfibre cloths for cleaning, or having recycling bins for paper, plastics, batteries and computer hardware.

Use environmentally-conscious suppliers, products and services


So you want to become a more environmentally-friendly business – but do the companies that you work with have the same attitude? Environmental consciousness is a team effort, so ally yourself with companies that have the same ethics as you and reward them with your hard-earned business.

From using packaging made from recycled or biodegradable materials, right through to contracting electric-powered delivery vehicles for your orders (and indeed, environmentally-conscious cleaning businesses), it’s important to take a holistic approach to becoming a greener company, and it doesn’t have to come at a price.

Introduce plants that clean the air


Here’s one last step that you may not have thought of! The humble office plant is something of an unsung hero, as not only do plants add a little colour and life to the workplace, but they also do a very useful and less obvious job too.

In a 1989 study by NASA (yes, really) it was discovered that houseplants improve indoor air quality by removing traces of pollutants, so go ahead and add some of the best air-filtering house plants, including spider plants, peace lilies and bamboo palms, to your desks to quite literally add a breath of fresh air to your office.

Which of these steps will you be taking to make your office more environmentally-friendly, or which have you already implemented? Tell us in the comments below and share any more ideas that we may not have thought of!