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Ethical Toiletries to Make a Difference in Your Washroom

Businesses that are continually looking to improve their corporate social responsibility understand that there are endless ways in which this can be done.

ethical toiletries to make a difference in your washroom

From large-scale changes to business strategies that improve the working lives of staff, to placing recycling facilities around the workplace or making the switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products, there is no limit to the opportunities for businesses to ‘do their part’ and put social good at the heart of their operations.

Becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious company has never been easier, too. However, thanks to not-for-profit social enterprises such as CLARITY and The Soap Co., showing your commitment to being an ethical business can begin in an area of your business that you may not expect: your washrooms.


Could ethical toiletries help you to ‘scrub up’ on your corporate social responsibility?


CLARITY and The Soap Co. offer a range of soaps, lotions and cleaning products to organisations of all shapes and sizes, but with one key difference. As you’ll discover in the video below, their mission is to support people with a wide range of disabilities, and they currently have over 100 staff, of which 80% are blind, disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged.

Founded in 1854 to initially provide an income for people with visual impairment, CLARITY and The Soap Co. are now the UK’s oldest social enterprise. They do not just offer financially rewarding employment; employees also improve their confidence, independence, and their sense of personal wellbeing.

It is interesting to note that CLARITY and The Soap Co. also take a unique approach to their own employment, in that their success is not measured by their profits, but by the number of days of employment that they create. In 2016, this exceeded 10,000 days, and you can help this number to continue growing year-on-year simply by switching your soap for social good.

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Ethical toiletries for every type of washroom


In the range of washroom and kitchen products from CLARITY and The Soap Co., there are toiletries and cleaning products to suit every type of business.

The CLARITY collection includes best-selling everyday washroom essentials such as beautifully fragranced antibacterial hand washes and hand sanitisers, plus washing up liquid so you can can bring your commitment to using ethical toiletries and cleaning products into your kitchen too.

For customers looking for a premium skincare product without compromising on their ethical approach, The Soap Co. collection features contemporary black and white bottles with luxury formulas that are perfect for executive or client washrooms. In The Soap Co. range, you’ll find premium liquid handwash and complimentary hand lotion, available in 300ml pump bottles as well as 2 litre bulk fill bottles – which each create more than 2 hours of direct employment!

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Major hotel chains, restaurants, law firms and large corporations have already introduced The Soap Co. products into their washrooms, and as the products are made with natural ingredients and now hold The Planet MarkTM they help to reduce your businesses’ environmental footprint. What’s more, as The Soap Co.’s award-winning packaging design features braille labels, making the switch to these products is yet another way to improve accessibility and inclusivity in your washrooms for all users.

CLARITY and The Soap Co. will soon be joined by an additional brand, CLARITYeco, a range of eco-foaming hand washes to offer you yet more choice in environmentally-friendly cleaning products – with a very human impact too.

If you’re interested to find out more about how your business can become more socially and environmentally conscious, why not take a look at our blog post ‘Easy Steps to Creating a ‘Greener’ Workplace’, or discover the benefits of using biological cleaning products.

Do you plan to ‘switch your soap for social good’ in your workplace? Leave us a comment below to let us know, or send us a tweet at @BunzlCleaning to share your thoughts on ethical toiletries and cleaning products with us.

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