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Our Journey Towards Being A Sustainable Business And Our Top Sustainability Tips

Here at Bunzl CHS, we feel a great sense of responsibility towards the environment. So, with our most recent achievements towards our long-term goal of being a sustainable business, we feel like we have a lot to shout about.

Our journey has begun in 2005 and was quickly validated with our achievement of ISO 14001 in Jan 2006. This journey has progressed at a rapid speed when we achieved Gold member status at the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We achieved this by making a few fundamental changes to the way we use our resources.

With new technology, environmental management systems, greener products and target setting we have made remarkable reductions in our environmental footprint. We are evidence that corporate social responsibility is a manageable and achievable process.

If you’re wondering how you can create a more sustainable business, keep reading for a detailed breakdown of what we’ve accomplished and the avenues we pursued to accomplish this.

Introduce an Environmental Management System


ISO 14001 are a series of environmental management standards developed and published by the International Organisation for Standardisation. The ISO 14001 standards provide a guideline or framework for organisations that need to systematise and improve their environmental management efforts.

Training your staff to understand their impact on the environment can be done using an Environmental Management System. This is a systematic way of encouraging employees to review their work activities and identify small changes that can result in a significant step towards establishing a green business.

Assess your business’s use of resources like water and electricity

We’re always looking for ways to use resources such as water more effectively, which is why we install dual flush toilets at all our new and refurbished facilities. We have also started monitoring our water usage, meaning we have been able to spot leaks in time. And we’ve prohibited excessive water use for activities such as vehicle washing at all our sites.

Since 2012, over 85% of our electricity has been sourced from 100% renewable energy tariffs and by 2017 our goal is to source 100% of our energy renewably.

Introduce new technology to your business

Introduce technology that helps you manage your fleet and plan travel routes, which is how we’ve reduced our fuel consumption over recent years. There are a huge number of ways to simplify and improve your business and keeping up to date with new technology is a guaranteed way to help you find solutions and new ways of achieving a green business.

Public target setting

Publishing your achievements annually motivates and challenges your staff to think ahead and actively pursue greener solutions. It also highlights milestones and targets achieved and lets everyone involved with your organisation share in the sense of gratification when targets are met publicly.

Participate in the wider conversation about sustainability

Sharing new innovations and solutions for achieving a sustainable business lets you improve your sector and learn from the experiences of others. Which is why we joined the FM Supply Chain Sustainability School in 2015. This has enabled us to fine-tune our environmental offering and share best practice with other members.

Source sustainable products

Actively seeking and sourcing sustainable products prompts manufacturers to develop products with fewer chemicals and encourages them to package their products with the environment in mind.

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products can help to reduce your environmental footprint as a business.

For more information on how to establish environmentally sound business practices and find out more on our 10-year journey as a sustainable supplier read our Focusing on Sustainability Brochure here.

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