Plastic-Free Facts

Plastic-Free July – we can take this as an opportunity to reflect on the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives.

Plastic is a great material as it is lightweight, durable and malleable, making it able to serve many purposes. It enables us to deliver products in good condition and minimize our transport emissions. However, plastic has also infiltrated our lives beyond necessity and it is important to consider the ways that we can keep plastics in use and eliminate the single-use, non-recyclable plastic from our supply chains.

Sustainable Product Range – Spotlight

The Cheeky Panda

Wipeout plastics within wipes! Did you know there are “11 billion wet wipes sold in the UK every year, 90% of which contain some form of plastic within the wipe”?  (BBC War on plastics, 2019).

Available at BCHS, The Cheeky Panda anti-bacterial wipes do not include any plastics or polyester within the wipe. They are created 100% FSC approved Bamboo! The materials are natural meaning the wipes are biodegradable; however do not flush wipes. Flushing wipes causes fatbergs, which are damaging to our seas and natural environments and costs water companies over £88 million a year.

At BCHS, we can help you reduce the amount of plastic you use by supplying measured dosage cleaning chemicals and wall-mounted dispensers. Reduce your waste through the purchase of fewer, larger bottles of soap or cleaning solutions rather than single-use hand pump bottles and ready-to-use (RTU) chemicals.

We supply a range of super concentrate, soluble and bulk cleaning solutions that are easily made RTU through a refillable pump and trigger spray bottles. Some plastic savings you could make include;

We can help you achieve these savings in a variety of ways: Cleaning solution – OdorBac Tec4 – comes in 5L containers in the ready-to-use form so you can fill up your reusable trigger spray bottle at least 6 times before needing a new 5L container. These plastic savings can be increased further by the use of a concentrated chemical, such as our Cleanline Super Concentrate range, which allows you to dilute the chemical as needed (saving 499 trigger spray bottles!) and it can be used with a dosing platform to minimise waste.

We also offer space-saving alternatives such as PVA Hygiene soluble sachets which can save 19 trigger spray bottles and Eco-WMT Uric Acid Crystal Digestor Urinal Unblocker that are already ‘ready-to-use’ to meet a variety of cleaning needs.

By choosing plastic-saving alternatives, we can also reduce our carbon footprint by delivering more chemicals to your sites in smaller packages and achieving more efficient distribution. Contact our sales representatives to help you with your plastic-free choices and check our Sustainability page to find out more about all of our sustainable initiatives.