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SPRING CLEANING – make it quicker, easier and safer

It’s that time of year again – everybody is spring cleaning! With the renewed sense of purpose that spring ushers in and a desire to conquer every nook and cranny, our poor cleaners work harder than ever in the spring.

Easy Spring Cleaning

With that in mind we have scoured the market for cleaning equipment that makes spring cleaning quicker, easier and safer.

WINDOW CLEANING – the clear benefits of the Unger Stingray

The Unger Stingray

Internal windows, particularly in office blocks are a pain. Or, more accurately, a whole lot of panes. Wouldn’t it be good if you could find a way to get dramatic results in super-quick time?

Reach for the Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit. This cleverly designed piece of kit makes short work of windows, glass partitions, doors, and pretty much anything that you can see through. Its clever design speeds up window cleaning by 25% and reduces your use of cleaning chemicals by 39%.

The pole system allows your cleaner to reach as high at 4m without balancing precariously on a ladder. And the technology creates lasting protection against fingerprints and dust. The stingray glides across your windows much as its namesake glides through the sea. It has many new features, developed after painstaking research, to make the job of cleaning internal glass easier and quicker.

WASHROOM CLEANING – refreshing innovations to save time and effort

Washrooms require daily servicing but if you can reduce the time taken to set up and replenish stocks, you can free up cleaners for a more thorough deep clean.

One simple solution, particularly for instances of high traffic, such as football grounds, airports and concerts, is the Tork PeakServe continuous hand towel dispenser. This new dispenser can hold over 2,100 towels – more than any other dispenser on the market. The towels are compressed, and this makes them easy to handle, store and refill. Our friends at Tork tell us that the PeakServe is the first innovation in hand towel dispensers for over 20 years!

Tork have also been thinking about making life easier for the cleaner, and they have designed handy carry handles into their bulkier toilet roll packs. This means cleaners no longer have to manhandle big bulky boxes they can barely see over.

Odours are another feature of washrooms and OdorBac Tec4 is the spring cleaner of odours. It breaks them down biologically and removes them completely, rather than simply masking them. The technology, which took 15 years to develop, can also be employed as a cleaner, tackling 99% of bacteria. Perfect for a thorough spring clean of your washrooms.

FLOOR CLEANING – sweep away the winter dirt

Floors that stretch into the distance, combined with a tight schedule and an eye on the comfort and welfare of your cleaning team, leads to one answer – the Kaivac Autovac. This kit cuts the time it takes to spring clean your floors in half. And then in half again. It covers over 20,000 square feet per hour! You can choose either a corded model or one with an optional battery, for cordless cleaning.

The Autovac cuts out the need to dust-mop and it cleans as effectively as a traditional auto scrubber but costs much less. Its automated programs mean you can get the finish you want with very little training requited for your staff. And for spring cleaning, it works 60 times harder than a mop, removing dirt completely rather than spreading it around the way a mop does.

The other great aspect to the Autovac is that it is ergonomically designed to reduce stress for the cleaner. It also it breaks down for easy transport and handling. Your cleaners will be seeking out floors for the full spring-cleaning treatment!

SPRING CLEANING – roll up your sleeves

At Bunzl CHS, we are delighted to stock a wide range of spring-cleaning essential and innovations. Choose from our selection of eco-friendly biological cleaning liquids up to full cleaning systems. If the warmer weather and brighter days are creating the urge for some restorative spring cleaning, place your order today.