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Your Guide to Bleach-Free Cleaning Products

Whether you’re becoming more environmentally conscious, or you’re worried about the risks of extended bleach use by your janitorial staff, you’ll be delighted to find that there are plenty of bleach-free alternatives to your usual cleaning products.  

Guide to Bleach Free Cleaning Products

In this blog, you’ll find a helpful guide to bleach-free cleaning; from reasons why you may consider switching to bleach-free, to the types of bleach-free products available from Bunzl CHS.

Why may a business choose not to use bleach?


Why Clean Without Bleach?

It’s understandable to feel concerned about the risks of bleach-based products, however as with all cleaning chemicals, when they are used in accordance with the information provided on their Safety Data Sheets, the risks are significantly minimised or eliminated.

Yet due to recent news around potential health risks caused by regular and prolonged or unregulated exposure to bleach products, as an employer you may wish to seek alternative cleaning products for your staff to use until further information is known.

There are also concerns, although little significant proof, about the impact of bleach on the environment – most chemicals that are added to water in a business environment are broken down at the water treatment works.

Whatever reasons you have for considering alternatives, we have plenty of effective cleaning products without bleach that are available to suit you and your needs.

Alternatives to bleach-based cleaning products


Bleach Alternatives - What are they?Here at Bunzl CHS, we offer a range of biological and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, each with a range of benefits.

  • Biological cleaning products

Biological cleaners contain one or more species of specialised bacteria that break down dirt and feast upon it! Because of this, they have a long-lasting cleaning effect, continuing to work long after their initial application. The biological cleaning products available at Bunzl CHS include biological toilet cleaners, which are the perfect alternatives to bleach-based products. Why not read our Ultimate Guide to Biological Cleaning Products to find out more?

  • Environmental cleaners

Environmental cleaners use little to no potentially damaging chemicals, and instead opt for more naturally-occurring ingredients. They are also designed to biodegrade faster, although EU policy stipulates that all cleaning products must be biodegradable.

If you’re unsure whether environmental cleaning products are for you, read our blog ‘Should You Consider Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?’ for some helpful guidance.

  • OdorBac: A do-it-all cleaning product and bleach alternative

One product that exceeds all the criteria of traditional cleaning products, whilst being 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-irritant, is OdorBac. Perfect for those hoping to use more environmentally conscious products, OdorBac from 2Pure is a revolutionary washroom cleaner and odour neutraliser that changes the molecular structure of an odour.

Even smells such as body odour, food waste and tobacco are completely eliminated due to OdorBac’s unique approach. You can shop all OdorBac products on our site.

If you’re looking to make the switch to cleaning without bleach, then fortunately there are plenty of options available. Make sure the alternatives you choose are fit for their purpose, particularly if you work in an environment where high standards of hygiene are crucial.

We hope you’ve found our guide to bleach-free cleaning useful. You can find our complete range of cleaning products for washrooms and other commercial environments in our ranges of Washroom products and general Cleaning Chemicals.