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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Henry The Vacuum Cleaner

Often hailed as Europe’s favourite vacuum cleaner, Henry the vacuum cleaner by Numatic is an iconic character both in the domestic and commercial cleaning worlds.

Henry the Vacuum Cleaner

His vibrant red appearance and cheeky smile paired with quality and innovation has made him a firm favourite for an incredible 36 years. With an estimated 20,000 Henrys sold each week, we’re sure he’ll be smiling for many years to come!

So how has Henry managed to maintain his popularity over time? It’s all down to the fact that Henry and the Numatic range is strong, light weight, offers superb power and suction and is built to last.

Speaking of this, Head of Media at Numatic, Andrew Ernill has said,

“People know it will last a long time. A customer recently returned one that is 30 years old – it was still working, but is now taking a rest in our museum.”

Numatic always provides spare parts if its products break down, and can retrofit motors right back to the first Henry ever made – meaning that once you purchase a Henry, he really does become part of the family!

Join us as we reveal some little known facts about Henry & Co.

    Henry has an extended family, each with their own characteristics and skillsets

You may be aware of Hetty, Henry’s female counterpart, who has all the same features and specification, but instead comes complete with a bright pink tub and eyelashes. However, did you know that there is a whole extended family to include, James, Charles, Harry and George?

Find out more about some of the gang below –

  • Charles is a wet and dry vacuum with a powerful 1200W two stage motor. He comes with safety float valve for wet use in addition to big filters and disposable dust bags for dry use.
  • George is the man to tackle carpets. The true “all in one” machine that is totally at home in wet or the dry. The combination of highly efficient Twinflo bypass vacuum motor and powerflo pump system provides professional cleaning standards, anytime, anywhere.

    Henry ‘won the internet’ with a nativity scene

Kris Sale, owner of Sale Appliances in Westcliff-on Sea, in recent years has become famous by making a shop window nativity scene entirely comprised of Henry vacuum cleaners, much to the joy of the internet. The five vacuum cleaners, Charlie, George, Edward, Henry and Hetty are supposed to represent the three wise men and Mary and Joseph. The role of baby Jesus is taken by a ‘baby Henry’ toy. He has also created a New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day displays.

    Henry’s face was invented to help keep cleaning staff company

It is believed that when Chris Duncan developed the Henry vacuum cleaner in 1970– the same man who runs the company today, he did so with the intention to prevent late night and early morning cleaning workers from feeling lonely. The fact that an everyday object could be addressed as a friend was a huge success to cleaning professionals, and the popularity soon spread to homes. Henry was originally meant for schools and hospitals, but visitors to these high traffic areas soon wanted one of their own.

    Henry has been tattooed onto a barman’s body

Believe it or not, there is a barman from Grimsby who has a tattoo of Henry below his waistline! Lewis Flint had this comical design tattooed in the intimate area six years ago, and is now regretting his decision, saying that “Henry needs switching off”. We do love Henry, but even we think this is taking it a little too far!

    Henry is both a cleaning and crime fighting hero

We all know that Henry can take on just about any vacuuming challenge head on and come out gleaming, but did you know that he recently helped fend off a baseball bat-wielding robbery in Derby? The would-be raider demanded money, but one of the men working in the Day and Night Pharmacy, who had been cleaning at the time, defended himself with the vacuum’s nozzle. Congratulations Henry, you really are our hero!

Do you know anything about Henry the vacuum cleaner which we haven’t included? Why not leave us a comment below or Tweet us @BunzlCleaning. Don’t forget to shop our Numatic vacuum cleaner range where you can find Henry, Hetty, Charles, George and many more familiar faces!