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Why It’s Time To Get In A Spin About Mopping

Do you wish to make cleaning your floors quicker and easier? An innovative ‘spin mop’, could be just what you’re after.

Vileda Spin Mopping

A typical ‘spin’ style mop is a combination of a microfibre mop head, along with a foot pedal operated wringer which makes wringing effortless and floor cleaning an altogether quicker process.

Spin mops can be used on all hard floor surfaces including wood and laminates, and they’re perfect for cleaning up spills quickly in high traffic areas where facility managers are wishing to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls with effective floor cleaning. Find out more about how to use a spin mop and read about its benefits below.

How do I use a spin mop?

how do I use a spin mop?

Although at first glance they might look more complicated than a traditional mop and bucket, a spin mop is very easy to use. Here are the instructions to use a spin mop –

  1. Start by placing the mop in your chosen cleaning solution.
  2. Next, insert it into the wringer.
  3. Then press the foot pedal to start the spinning motion.
  4. Your last step is to remove the mop and then start cleaning. 
  5. Voila! Spick and span floors in an instant.


What are the benefits of a spin mop?

what are the benefits of a spin mop

There are many reasons why you should consider using a spin mop over a traditional mop. We’ve listed some of these benefits below –

It’s better for the user

Cleaning and Maintenance Management, one of the most common causes of repetitive motion injuries within the cleaning industry is mopping, which is why a microfibre mop is so beneficial. In addition to the unique benefits offered by the spin mop, any microfibre flat mop means that overall, the mop is much lighter, and the user doesn’t need to carry around litres of water containing a cleaning solution.

It’s extremely versatile

With the spin wringer at your availability, you are able to control how wet the mop head is. Through the spinning process you can use it across all applications from very dry cleaning of delicate flooring through to very wet for disinfection processes. The UltraSpin Mini by Vileda is adaptable for use in all small areas, and is particularly useful in cafes and restaurants where spills may be occurring on a regular basis. Cautious of the importance of colour coding for cleaning, the mops are available in both red and blue.

It gets to work quickly

Using a spin mop means that the results offer effective cleaning, in less time and at a lower cost. Great news for users, facility managers, and business owners alike! The triangular shaped mop head makes for excellent corner cleaning. The mop head is even machine – washable meaning that the head itself can quickly be cleaned between uses.

Get yourself in a spin with Vileda


If you like the sound of a spin mop, look no further than the fantastic range offered by Vileda. Whether you want to get started with a starter kit in your choice of colour, or wish to replace a mop head, or telescopic handle, we are proud to stock this fantastic mopping solution. The telescopic handles have been developed with top ergonomics, performance and easy handling in mind – in fact, they have even been awarded for their excellent product design!

Have you tried using a spin mop? Let us know by commenting below, or Tweet us @BunzlCleaning.

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  1. Daniel

    What a fantastic improvement over conventional mop heads, I’ll all for finding new and improved products which save time and make jobs a bit easier. The starter kit looks ideal.