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Commercial Cleaning Schedule Template

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Being organised and thorough is important in any job no matter your profession.

So why should you take a different approach when it comes to making sure your office is spick and span?

Your workforce may be hardworking and dedicated, but an untidy workplace doesn’t portray the level of professionalism that your company deserves. We understand that sometimes a busy workforce means a “busy office”, but letting things pile up (literally!) can impact efficiency and levels of motivation.This is where a commercial cleaning schedule template comes into play. A strategic approach to what should be cleaned and when, eliminates the need for any mad dashes before clients arrive and that hygiene standards are where they should be.

So whether you are a commercial cleaner looking for more structure to your approach or are responsible for cleaning in your workplace you’ll find that our cleaning schedule template will come in handy.

We’ve covered the tasks which should be addressed daily in most offices- feel free to print our commercial cleaning schedule template out and display the schedule in your workplace.


Cleaning Schedule Template

How do you address the daily cleaning requirements in your workplace?