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With food hygiene ratings more prominent than ever, it has never been more important to make sure that your kitchen is spick and span before customers consider ‘forking out’.


Food hygiene and kitchen cleanliness is nothing new, with businesses having followed regulations such as Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs and The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 as a requirement by law for many years.

But is your restaurant or café doing enough to maintain high levels of hygiene, which will in turn help keep your business buoyant? Download our FREE cleaning and supply template for restaurants, and keep reading for essential guidance on kitchen hygiene practices.

The Importance of Cleaning in the 4Cs of Food Hygiene


The Food Standards Agency recognises that good food hygiene is essential when making or selling food which is safe to eat. As part of their aim to prevent the most common food safety problems are the four ‘Cs’ of food hygiene – cross contamination, chilling, cooking and what we will now look at in detail, cleaning.

We know that thorough cleaning gets rid of bacteria on hands, equipment and surfaces, which helps stop harmful bacteria from spreading onto food.

The FSA recommends that the following steps are taken when cleaning kitchens –

  • Make sure that all your staff wash and dry their hands thoroughly before handling food.
  • Clean and disinfect food areas and equipment between different tasks, especially after handling raw food.
  • Clear and clean as you go. Clear away used equipment, spilt food etc. as you work and clean work surfaces thoroughly.
  • Use cleaning and disinfection products that are suitable for the job, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Disinfection products should meet BS EN standards. Check product labels for either of these codes: BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697.
  • Do not let food waste build up.

How Good Hygiene is Good for Your Business

The FSA has set up its rating scheme which makes it easier for consumers to choose places with good hygiene standards and works alongside the local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Businesses are given one of six ratings, starting at 0, and going up to 5 which means that the business has very good hygiene standards. Local authorities provide a sticker with the allocated rating which can be displayed on the window or door. This allows consumers to easily see your food and hygiene rating – swaying their decision rating process of whether to eat at your restaurant or not. As you would imagine, cleanliness is an important factor part in determining the calculation.

Additionally these ratings can be found online via the “Scores on the Doors” app and website, which enables customers to instantly find out how hygienic and well managed food preparation is at a particular eating establishment. There is simply nowhere for an unhygienic premises to hide!

What Cleaning Essentials Do I Need to Maintain a Hygienic Kitchen?

When it comes to cleaning in food production areas, just not any cleaning product will do. They must be food safe, as well as hugely effective having to take on some of the toughest cleaning jobs around. We’ve selected some key products that will keep your catering areas looking spotless.


With dangerous pathogenic microorganisms potentially running havoc in kitchens, it’s important that you have cleaners on hand that can kill MRSA, Ecoli and Listeria to name a few. Cleanline Food Safe Sanitiser RTU does just that – and is an effective degreaser and is EN1276 & EN1650 conformant. Premiere Products ecoforce Catering cleaner is another good choice, cutting through oil and grease to leave no residual taint – making it perfect for food preparation areas.


A build-up of grease is not only unhygienic but a potential fire hazard, meaning that degreasing surfaces should be an essential part of a daily cleaning routine. Diversey Care’s Suma Break Up (Force) is a concentrated liquid ideal for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, which leaves surfaces looking clean and shiny.

Oven and Grill Cleaning

Build up can quickly appear on grills and ovens, and is one of life’s most dreaded cleaning tasks. Let the products do all the work for you, with Diversey Care’s Brillo Oven Gel Cleaner a highly effective formulation. It is ideal for deep cleaning tackling every day dirt, grease build and burnt on deposits with ease.


Understanding that colour coding for cleaning is hugely important, having coloured coded cloths in a kitchen is essential. Vileda’s Catering Cloths come in the four colours in accordance with BICSc colour scheme – red, blue, yellow and green and contain silver to reduce bacterial growth.



Serve up a clean and tidy restaurant by downloading our free cleaning and supplies schedule for restaurants.

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