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Common Spring-Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Along with daily cleaning, seasonal cleaning plays an important role in our cleaning habits. In this article, we will define what spring cleaning is and how to avoid cleaning mistakes.

Common Spring-Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Clean work and living areas do wonders for our productivity. Not just in terms of the physical space that gets freed up when we declutter, but also the mental space – or the positivity we feel when we care for our environment, and by extension, ourselves.

Unfortunately, most of us do only have time for a big clear-out once a year. That’s why we’ve written an article about the common mistakes people tend to make during their spring clean, and how you can avoid them and do a better job this year.

How not to spring clean

By avoiding these cleaning mistakes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort and your home or office will be cleaner and stay that way for longer.

Don’t spray cleaning products directly onto electronics

Because most sprayable cleaning products are liquid based, using them on electronics such as computers and televisions isn’t always advisable.

However, there are many specialist products developed specifically for cleaning electronics. The best computer cleaners use compressed air or foam that, unlike liquid, won’t seep into your keyboard and break it, or worse, give you a shock.

Durable’s Powerclean Invertible Air Duster is perfect for getting to hard to reach areas such as the charging port for your mobile phone and their Foamclean Anti Static Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning keyboards.

For screens and other surfaces that do require a wet cleaning product, we’d recommend first spraying the product onto a cloth rather than directly onto the screen to minimise the possibility of excess fluid seeping into your electronics.

Don’t let your vacuum cleaner bag get more than half full

Have you ever turned the vacuum cleaner on and noticed a not so fresh smell? That’s probably because your vacuum cleaner hasn’t been emptied for a while.

Emptying your vacuum cleaner of bacteria filled dust regularly doesn’t just help avoid funky odours, it also reduces the level of dust and allergens in your home, simply by letting the vacuum do what it’s supposed to – suck dirt, dust and bacteria out of your carpets. That’s because vacuum bags that have room for air to circulate in have stronger suction and do an overall better job.

You can improve the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner by simply replacing the bag. If the damage has already been done and the smell has set in, use vacuum cleaner air freshener which is sucked up into the vacuum and deodorises the air that is expelled from the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner.

When decluttering, don’t make a ‘sort out later’ pile

There is no better time than your annual or bi-annual deep clean to get rid of the things that are clogging up your living, working or creative space.

Decluttering by throwing out things we don’t use, want or even like, is easier said than done. Our culture sometimes makes a connection between wellbeing and how much we own, which is why we often have to dig deep to try and understand why we’re not able to part with that pair of shoes or the coat we never wear.

This is why it’s no surprise when a ‘sort out later’ pile emerges amongst the ‘donate’, ‘trash’ and ‘keep’ pile. Avoid this by sleeping on it. Place the item you’re having doubts about in the ‘trash’ or ‘donate’ pile and if you wake up in the morning with a strong urge to rescue it from the garage or even the bin, then keep it.

There are many ways you can make your life easier when you’re spring cleaning. Be sure to plan exactly what needs doing before you get started and make sure you have the right cleaning equipment, products, and personal protection equipment, such as gloves and goggles, to hand.