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Window Cleaning Hacks For Your Office

Have you had to accept that those watermarks, scratches, and sticker glue on your office windows are there to stay? Well, we’ve got good news. There are many methods to get your windows clean and clear, and most of them are easier and more affordable to do than you might think.

Most of the following cleaning hacks use everyday grocery and personal care products, meaning you probably won’t have to go far to find them. However, if you are going to buy a product made specifically for window cleaning, consider an eco-friendly cleaning product.

Here are our tips for cleaning your office windows effectively, while also looking after the planet.

Remove scratches from windows with toothpaste

Simply apply a non-gel toothpaste to a soft cloth, then rub it into and over the scratch in a circular motion. Follow this by wiping the area clean with a damp cloth, then dry and buff the window.

This works because non-gel toothpaste tend to be gritty. The same fine particles that remove build-up from your teeth work to correct small scratches in glass, essentially sanding down the imperfection on the window’s surface.

Remove sticker glue with surgical spirit

Do your office windows sometimes get used as surfaces for post-it notes or other documents held up with blue tack or other sticky adhesives? When you come to remove them, you’ll probably find that some of the adhesives are stuck, and some adhesives are made to stick for a long time.

To remove stubborn remnants of adhesive, you’ll need something stronger than regular cleaning products – something that breaks down the properties of the glue. Surgical spirit is a tried and tested way of getting rid of glue and the dirt that gets stuck to it over time.

Simply combine one-part surgical spirit and one-part water in a clean spray bottle (you can adjust the spirit to water ratio depending on how sticky the glue is) and then, using a soft sponge or cloth, wipe away the adhesive.

Surgical spirit is not only great for cleaning glass, but it’s also an excellent disinfectant and can defrost car windows, which could be useful during cold winters.

Vinegar, the eco-cleaning all-rounder

Vinegar is a cleaning all-rounder – from removing soap and limescale in the bathroom to deodorising your washing machine and lifting those tough watermarks from your glass windows.

If you’re looking for streak-free windows, cleaning them with vinegar is a great choice as its acidity removes the usual film on your windows that contributes to a streaky window. Create a diluted solution of one-part hot water to one-part vinegar and then, using a damp sponge and your solution, wipe the full window surface before rinsing with just water.

Spirit vinegar or white vinegar is ideal for this job, but be sure to wear gloves when using vinegar or surgical spirit to avoid these substances from working their corrosive magic on your hands.

How to clean your windows while protecting the planet

Getting clean windows, or cleaning anything in your home for that matter, doesn’t mean you have to use chemical products that are bad for the environment. Eco-friendly cleaning products have been rising in popularity for several years, with more and more brands popping up with an eco-friendly, non-toxic ingredient focus.

It’s no longer a question of asking whether there’s an eco-friendly alternative to a cleaning product you use regularly, but rather which eco-friendly alternative is best.

For windows – we’d recommend using SURE Glass Cleaner, an effective eco-friendly cleaning product that is plant based and 100% biodegradable. You can also buy this product in a five litre bottle and refill an empty spray bottle, avoiding the unnecessary production of even more plastic spray bottles!

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