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Meet Binny™: The Product that is Revolutionising Feminine Hygiene Product Disposal

Waste disposal is a crucial topic for every business to consider, as there are strict waste disposal regulations and legislation in the UK that must be closely adhered to. However alongside everyday waste disposal and recycling considerations, most businesses must also think about how to properly dispose of feminine hygiene products, which are classified as non-hazardous ‘offensive waste’ and are often taken care of by third party sanitary bin contractors.


However, what many businesses aren’t often made aware of is that sanitary bin contractors aren’t actually necessary to feminine hygiene product disposal. A quantity of offensive waste that is under 7kg can in fact be disposed of with the standard ‘black bin’ waste as detailed on the .gov website. This covers 99% of UK organisations – so if you’re paying for external contractors to manage the feminine hygiene product waste in your business, you could well be wasting money.

The good news is that there’s a new product that has been designed to provide a solution to the often sensitive issue of feminine hygiene waste disposal. Its name is Binny™ – and though it may look like an unassuming pink cardboard bin, as you’ll see in the video below, this clever product makes it easy and affordable for even the smallest of businesses to properly provide for the females in their workforce, whilst being responsible towards the environment.

Lifting the lid on Binny™

Binny™ is a fantastically simple product, as it’s a flat-packed, disposable cardboard sanitary bin that works in a similar way to traditional feminine hygiene disposal bins, in that it safely, discreetly and hygienically stores waste away from sight. The key difference though is that it doesn’t require a third party to handle or dispose of the waste, as when the Binny™ bin is full, it can be disposed of with regular black bin waste by your own cleaning staff.

This has clear positive implications for businesses who are not only looking for innovative ways to cut their costs, but also their impact on the environment, as Binny™ will significantly reduce your carbon footprint if currently using an external waste management company. And with Binny™ there are no concerns about its effectiveness as it is fully compliant with all legislation and regulations, including HSE, EA and DOH, and it has inbuilt antibacterial protection for greater user confidence.

It’s also pleasant to use, with its colourful and compact design that takes up even less space than a typical sanitary bin, yet can hold up to 1kg of waste when full. It also has a malodour blocker and a pleasant fragrance, so no matter how full Binny™ gets, it will always be a welcome addition to your washroom.

Binny™ not only solves the issue of providing feminine waste hygiene management facilities in offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants, but also at events such as festivals where saving costs is even more essential.

You can try Binny™ for yourself now at Bunzl CHS, but we’d love to know what you think. Will you be converting to disposable feminine hygiene waste facilities, or would you rather let a contractor handle this aspect of your business for you? Leave us a comment below.