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Freshening Up for Spring: Air Care Trends

If the traditional aerosol air freshener is all that comes to mind when you think air care, it’s time to freshen up your thinking.

air care trends

With the air care market diversifying its product ranges every year, it is no surprise to hear that an air care system made to fit the needs of its environment is a sure fire way to achieving the “sweet smell of success” in facilities management.

Today products range from simple and practical plug-in dispensers to modern oil – reed diffusers, along with more discrete spray dispensing solutions. With so many solutions and innovations available, we take a closer look at the trends and aromas on offer so your business can really show “who nose best” when it comes to air care.

From ‘Cover Up’ to Product Essential


Once air fresheners were confined to washrooms as a means of covering up and masking unpleasant smells, but the development in scent innovations has made air care fragrance a more captivating experience.

Consumers wish to have their environments enhanced with air care fragrance, demanding to have feelings of nostalgia, calm and escapism evoked upon them. Clean, natural scents such as Glade Silver Lavender Air Freshener and Febreze Air Care Cotton Fresh continue to be a popular choice with more exotics smells like Tork Tropical Fruit Air Freshener Spray seeing a recent surge in popularity.

For those with a main agenda of counteracting unpleasant odours in washrooms, offices and other general areas, it is possible to do so without the use of an aerosol. Fine atomised spray systems such as the Cleanline’s Trigger Air Freshener range maximises perfume performance, and premiere Freshen Up RTU Spray is a remarkable product which literally ‘eats’ stains and smells. Containing harmless micro-organisms, they digest the stain and odour inducing organic matter over time. Safe to use on upholstery and carpets, including wool, as well as hard floors, the product doesn’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals working on many organic stains and smells such as tobacco, blood, faeces, urine, juice, ketchup and mud.

Luxurious in both look and smell is the reed diffuser, offering a long lasting scent without demanding any fuss or attention as there is no flame, no heat or electricity required; a staple in the luxury washroom.

Air Care Innovation

faucet and sink in the modern public toilet

The appeal of intuitive air care has been reflected in system air care enabling spray system air fresheners to be programmed to release fragrance to suit the needs of a working environment.

Designed to not only bring a pleasant, fresh aroma, air care systems are long lasting and cost effective solutions and can offer variety in terms of fragrance and décor. The Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser is a clean, crisp, discrete option for anywhere with hygiene of high importance, whereas the Rubbermaid Microbust Duet Dispenser is a sleek and polished choice for a more refined environment.

The Call for More ‘Natural’ Air


Following recent reports by the Royal College of Physicians that we need to improve the quality of the air we breathe as the relationship between indoor air pollution and health becomes quantified, should we be concerned about the increased use of air fresheners?

According to UKCPI most of the volatile substances that evaporate into the air when you use air fresheners are simply perfumes – which are combinations of mainly the exact same molecules that you smell in the garden. Many come from essential oils extracted directly from plants, while some are ‘nature- identical’ molecules that can be manufactured more efficiently and sustainably. We also recommend the use of biological cleaning and biotechnology where possible.

Additionally, Professor Stephen Holgate, an asthma expert at the University of Southampton who led the report, suggests integrating a greater amount of fresh air into workplaces and homes to dilute chemical pollution and remove moisture.

Do you have a preference for a particular air care method or fragrance? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below, and don’t forget to browse our full range of air care products.