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Making Sure Your Business is On a Roll: The Importance of Toilet Paper Supplies

As the saying goes, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone’ – and it’s especially fitting when it comes to toilet paper. Running out of toilet paper is inconvenient at home, but in a public setting it can become almost disastrous, and as British Airways recently found out it can even be rather costly too.

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The airline hit the headlines in March 2017 after one of its aeroplanes was grounded at Gatwick Airport for more than five hours, due to a shortage of toilet paper among other in-flight essentials. The compensation bill for the disgruntled passengers, who were due to fly to the Caribbean, totalled just under £300,000. That’s some expensive toilet paper!

Of course not all types of businesses would be subject to a legal dispute due to a shortage in washroom supplies, but the story does serve to highlight just how important toilet tissue is. In this article, we’ll look at ways to help you to keep your business ‘on a roll’, and ensure that your washrooms are always fully stocked.

How do you know how much toilet paper you need?

Previously on the CleanUp blog, we’ve taken a look at innovative washroom technology that can help you to get a ‘handle’ on toilet paper supplies. This included the EasyCube by Tork, a facility management software which collects real-time data on washroom usage, including the consumption of toilet paper via a ‘connected’ dispenser – perfect for large businesses or buildings with many separate facilities. However, if a high-tech bathroom isn’t feasible for you, there are other ways that you can keep on top of your toilet paper supply.

Keeping a record of toilet paper use in your washrooms is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to monitor how much is used, and identify the days and times when toilet paper is most likely to run low. Your washroom managers could make a note of when toilet tissue is restocked in the washroom, and after just a few weeks, it may be possible to identify key points during the week when a higher volume of toilet tissue is regularly required, and ensure that sufficient toilet paper supplies are purchased to meet those needs.

Of course, your commercial washroom consumables should be fully restocked every morning or evening as part of your daily cleaning routine, and checked at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure that your standards are being maintained.

Should the worst happen, and you do run out of toilet paper or toilet roll in the washroom itself, chances are that someone will soon let you know. Much to their bemusement, back in 2015 the Virgin Trains social media team came to the rescue of a passenger who tweeted them for help from an on-board washroom – talk about customer service in a ‘flush’!

Cutting toilet tissue waste in your washroom


One of the main reasons why businesses can run out of toilet tissue unexpectedly is that a large amount is being wasted by washroom users. Tork’s SmartOne toilet tissue system has been designed to reduce tissue consumption by up to 40%, as only one sheet of paper is dispensed at a time. The SmartOne dispensers and rolls are available in a range of sizes and designs to meet the needs of even the highest-volume washrooms.

Over-filled toilet tissue dispensers can also be a source of waste, as the washroom user may struggle to remove sheets of paper from a ‘stuffed’ dispenser. Kimberly-Clark toilet tissue dispensers are designed with a unique patented overfill device to prevent over-stuffing, and allow for easy dispensing of tissue at any capacity.

If you’ve found this article useful and have decided it’s time to re-stock your toilet tissue supplies, take a look at our full Toilet Tissue range now to order online. Why not read about the benefits of bamboo toilet tissue too, a more sustainable and eco-friendly tissue which uses 65% less carbon than regular tissue.

How do you ensure that you never run out of toilet paper in your commercial washrooms? Let us know how you always stay fully stocked by leaving a comment below, or tweet us @BunzlCleaning.