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What Is Bamboo Toilet Tissue, And What Are Its Benefits?

If you are more familiar with pandas munching on bamboo, rather than as a source for toilet tissue, you may be wondering what exactly bamboo toilet tissue is, and what its benefits are.

what is bamboo toilet tissue?

Bamboo toilet tissue uses the world’s fastest growing plant to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly and skin friendly toilet tissue compared to traditional toilet paper which is usually made from tree pulp or recycled material.

Join us as we find out more about its key benefits, and reveal all about The Cheeky Panda brand who are proud to be 65% lower carbon than regular tissue.

What Are The Key Features of Bamboo Toilet Tissue?

As revealed in our blog post, “Flushing Away Forests: How to Reduce Toilet Tissue Wastage” softness comes out top on the UK’s toilet tissue wish list. Although recycled brands are soft and absorbent, bamboo toilet tissue has other added benefits for the skin, which include being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and offering super absorbency. And for those wanting to know how it compares to premium tissue products – it’s just as luxuriously soft.

Using the world’s fastest growing plant, it is no surprise to hear that it’s highly renewable and sustainable. Bamboo grows a whopping 30 times faster than trees, which is good to know considering that every day, about 270,000 trees are flushed down the drain or end up as rubbish all over the world (WWF). Bamboo grows up to a metre a day, and it harvests every year. The material from FSC certified bamboo forests is not the same type of bamboo that pandas eat, so don’t worry, the pandas certainly aren’t going to go hungry!

We’re most pleased to hear about its environmentally friendly benefits. Being 100% bio-degradable, it offers no harsh chemicals like BPA or de-inking agents used in the manufacturing process. What’s more, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon than trees.

Should ‘The Cheeky Panda’ Set Up Residence In Your Washroom?

If you are looking for a bamboo toilet tissue brand, look no further than The Cheeky Panda, the only 100% FSC bamboo tissue product in the UK offering affordable prices. You’ll not only be showing that you care for the environment, but also for your employees and customers.

Set up by Chris Forbes and Julie Chen, they are extremely proud of their product and the benefits it brings for both the end user and the environment.

Chris said,

“We all care about the planet – however people don’t want to sacrifice on quality. What we’ve achieved is an affordable, high quality low carbon eco product that doesn’t cost the earth.”

Julie continues,

“We wanted to make sustainability fun, it’s not just about creating something new, it’s also about making a high quality product that on its own would sell well anyway.

“Bamboo contains an antimicrobial bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’. This ‘Kun’ helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on the tissue itself and human skin. Tree-based or recycled toilet paper does not have anything like this. Our 100% bamboo tissue is pure, natural and kind to skin.

Cheeky Panda’s innovative benefits and features include –

  • Sustainable, fast renewable and biodegradable
  • 3 Ply soft, skin friendly and super absorbent
  • Anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and odour resistant
  • Hypo allergenic, perfect for sensitive skin
  • Free from B.P.A, formaldehyde, chlorine, fragrance, de-inking agents
  • 31% lower emissions compared to recycled tissue

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Have you ever used bamboo toilet tissue? Let us know by commenting below, or Tweeting us @BunzlCleaning. If you are interested in finding out more about The Cheeky Panda toilet tissue, you can browse the product here.

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