Do you keep seeing the buzzwords ‘green cleaning’ around and wonder what exactly they mean? And do you wonder if you should be doing more to ‘green up’ your cleaning? If so, are you bewildered by all the different products and claims that are out there?

Read our green cleaning guide and find out how you can apply it to your business sensibly and affordably.

What does green cleaning mean?

There’s no legal or even universally agreed definition of green cleaning. Put simply, it is the use of more environmentally friendly products and methods for your cleaning.

All cleaning chemicals are eventually biodegradable in the environment. However some break down much more quickly and with less potential harm than others. This is really what green cleaning is all about; products that clean effectively and that break down quickly and safely in the environment.

Why ‘go green’ with your cleaning?

Ocean waves

There are many benefits in moving your cleaning materials, equipment and methods onto a greener platform, and these include:

  • Less toxic chemicals released into the environment, which means better prospects for our wildlife, our sea life and our planet as a whole
  • Less risk to your cleaners’ health
  • Kinder to the skin for your cleaners if they come into contact with the product
  • They save you money on your cleaning bills as you reduce your reliance on chemicals
  • They often work deeper, cleaner and for longer than traditional products
How do green products work?

Environmentally friendly cleaning products work in different ways. While some are biological, using enzymes that break down the dirt, others use natural and plant-based ingredients with cleaning properties, and some use a combination of methods.

At Bunzl, we stock a great choice of green cleaning products, including a very clever range of biological cleaners from InnuScience.  In this handy video, InnuScience explain how they harness the power of nature to create cleaning products that not only protect the environment but also clean more deeply and have a longer lasting effect.

It’s a 4-stage process that continues to work long after you have locked up the janitor’s cupboard door and gone home for the weekend:

1: A highly biodegradable cleaning agent lifts dirt particles

2: At the same time, InnuScience’s proprietary fermentation extracts break down the dirt and grime, so it is more soluble in water and thus easier to remove.

3: Natural microorganisms penetrate porous surfaces to attack ingrained dirt and remove persistent odours

4: The cleaning agents continue to work for days, so that surfaces stay clean and germ-free between washes

InnuScience have been at the forefront of biotechnology in cleaning products for a quarter of a century. Their products meet and surpass the highest global standards for eco-friendly cleaning and we are proud to stock them at Bunzl.

What products and equipment will green up your cleaning?

InnuScience Products

We are committed to supporting innovative suppliers who work towards improving the impact that cleaning has on our planet. We stock many environmentally-friendly and biological cleaning products, including the InnuScience range, that uses the biotechnology described in the video.

Keeping on the theme of cleaners, Cleanline Eco has moved to not only provide environmentally friendly cleaning products but have also concentrated on the big environmental issue surrounding plastics. Thanks to a unique and exclusive partnership, the plastic polymer within Cleanline Eco plastic bottles has as much as 31% UK recycled material. Unlike recycled material sourced globally, finding a source within the UK ensures improved sustainability of the bottles is not compromised by an increase in the carbon footprint elsewhere. Click here to see the full range.

Green Cleaning

When going green, you should look further and why not start by assessing the gloves you use. With sustainability such a hot topic within the sphere of cleaning, Globus have pushed the boundaries with their new glove based technology. The Globus SHOWA 6110PF uses Eco Best Technology® (EBT), a breakthrough innovation which doesn’t change the way you dispose of your gloves, but the process and speed with which they degrade afterwards. During the production process, a unique Eco Best Technology® (EBT) organic additive is infused within the gloves material. The EBT organic additive is designed to make the respective gloves attractive to microbial activity when disposed in landfills. These microorganisms then consume, metabolise and break down EBT materials into three natural compounds – organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide.  Here is a video showing how it works!

You can also introduce microfibre cloths, which use very little water and no chemicals. The tiny fibres attract dust particle through an electrostatic charge.