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Which Rubber Gloves Scrub Up The Best For My Needs?

It’s no surprise that one of our best selling products at Bunzl CHS are trusty pairs of rubber gloves, which are an essential part of every cleaner’s kit, no matter what type of job they’re tackling.

Which Rubber Gloves Are Best For My Needs

But there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the purposes of rubber gloves (though we do offer a range of sizes), as different types of rubber gloves are designed for different tasks, and it’s important to choose the correct gloves to not only make the task easier but for personal safety too. In this blog post we’ll discuss what are the different kinds of rubber gloves available, and which ones are right for your needs.

Why it’s important to use rubber gloves

Rubber Gloves

They’re a cleaning product that we take for granted, but the importance of using rubber gloves during cleaning tasks cannot be understated, particularly when using strong cleaning products. Rubber gloves were first invented for medical use, but their all-around protective qualities have made them must-have PPE for cleaners too.

Not only do they act as a barrier between the skin and harsh cleaning chemicals, which can be irritating, caustic or even cause long-term skin problems such as psoriasis, but they also have an important role to play in infection control as they help to keep your hands clean and untouched by viruses and bacteria.

Choosing the right rubber gloves

rubber gloves

We have a wide variety of rubber gloves available at Bunzl CHS, from general purpose household gloves to extra tough gloves that are designed for more specific tasks:

Household gloves are designed for exactly that: everyday, low-risk household cleaning tasks in the washroom, kitchen and other shared areas. From washing the dishes to wiping down the countertops, general purpose gloves should be on every cleaner’s trolley, and we’ve got a great range of sturdy household rubber gloves in a selection of colours and sizes.

Hypo allergenic PVC gloves are a latex safe alternative to standard rubber gloves, for those who have a latex sensitivity or latex allergy.

Extra long rubber gloves tackle that all-too-common problem of standard household rubber gloves just not being long enough in the arms – which can be a real problem when you have an extra deep sink, or even need to unblock a drain! Our extra long rubber gloves reach up to below the elbow to make those particularly unpleasant cleaning tasks more manageable.

Heavy duty rubber gloves are for those more challenging cleaning tasks that require an extra level of protection, plus they’re long-lasting and with a slip-resistant pattern on the palms and fingertips they offer excellent grip too.

Nitrile gloves offer exceptional protection against stronger and harsher chemicals such as oils, solvents and strong detergents. Ours also meet the maximum abrasion score as defined by European Standard EN388.

Should I use colour coded rubber gloves?

As with all other types of cleaning equipment, colour coding your rubber gloves can be an important and effective part of a strategy to prevent cross-contamination. Our Clean Grip Rubber Household Gloves are available in four colours, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green, as well as three sizes, so you can choose the rubber gloves that are most appropriate for the area in which they will be used.

To help you select the correct colour, below is our simple guide to colour coding for cleaning, and you can find out more in our blog post on cleaning colour codes here.

Colour Coding for Cleaning

We hope you’ve found our guide to rubber gloves useful, and be sure to take a look at our full range of PPE, including disposable gloves and industrial gloves, to find the hand protection that’s right for your needs.

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