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Window Cleaning Innovation: Are You Ready For A Clearer View?

Walk through any modern city, and you’ll notice more and more high-rise, glass based buildings. Easy on the eye, and offering a more pleasant experience for those who live and work within them, unfortunately, they aren’t so easy to clean and maintain.


As a result, traditional window cleaning methods are no longer as effective as they have been, and the safety of professional cleaners has become an increasing concern; especially as many work alone and often at height.

The Professional Window Cleaners study by SR Strategy Routes revealed that efficiency and safety are the two main issues which cleaning professionals face on a regular basis, especially when it comes to cleaning indoor surfaces such as windows, mirrors and elevators. Currently cleaners are faced with time consuming issues when carrying out these tasks, such as re-arranging furniture, and electrical equipment in order to reach high windows. There are also the imposed risks of using ladders and access equipment, which makes their jobs a precarious occupation. As a result, tasks are often passed onto specialist teams or contractors.

To make indoor window cleaning an easier, and even more enjoyable task for all, we take a look at the latest window cleaning innovation to enter the market below.

Introducing Stingray – The Most Effective Indoor Cleaning Tool Ever


As the world’s number one brand in professional window cleaning, UNGER have been delivering innovative solutions for expert cleaning since 1964. Their latest innovation is the Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, a revolutionary, ready to run solution to indoor window cleaning needs, which is also perfect for a number of other surfaces such as glass, mirrors and stainless steel. What’s more, it was the proud winner of the ‘Supplies’ category in the 2016 ISSA Innovation Award Program!

What Makes It Special?

The microfibre tripad is lint free which makes eliminating dust and fingerprints completely effortless, and it is machine washable, allowing it to be washed up to an incredible 200 times. The enclosed spray nozzle prevents over spraying, which eliminates drips, streaks and mess, while the robust 3D joint makes it easy to reach awkward places.

The Stingray uses easily, replaceable pouches, which are prefilled with 3M Scotchguard professional glass cleaner – a single shot of this powerful cleaning liquid can be dispensed by pressing the spray activation button on the handheld unit or pole handle. Speaking to Window Cleaning Magazine, Unger’s John Lombardo explained,

The 3M Scotch Guard utilizes nano-technology that builds a microscopic, protective layer on the glass. The layer provides resistance from dirt build-up. That does not mean it prevents fingerprints and dirt from staying on the glass, but it does mean that it helps them to not stick to the surface as firmly, and that they are much more easily removed.


“When we developed the Stingray, we focused on end-user-needs, like ease of use, safety, and efficiency. The tool is built with these benefits in mind and we needed the glass cleaner to build on the end-user-benefits. 3M Scotch Guard liquid does just that, so it was a great fit.”

The good news for those who aren’t trained at working at height is that it can be used safely from the ground to heights of up to 4m (13ft) with minimal training using a modular pole system.

Some of its innovative benefits and features include –

  • Offering 25% faster cleaning
  • Using 39% less chemicals
  • 3D joints for greater flexibility
  • No drips, no runs and no mess
  • The ability to clean up to 4m in height

What problems have you faced when cleaning indoor windows? Comment below or Tweet us @BunzlCleaning and let us know. Also don’t forget to shop the amazing Stingray here, along with the rest of our extensive window cleaning supplies.

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  1. Galelea Gordon

    This is a great article. Innovations are being made and new ways of doing things are being found. One such innovation that has revolutionised window cleaning is the water fed pole (reach and wash system).

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