As anyone who has tried to do it themselves will know, cleaning windows is a tricky, tiring and often messy task – unless of course, you’re a professional. The best window cleaners in the business each have their own secrets to sparkling windows, whether those are in a small shop front or an office, or high-rise buildings with hundreds of panes of glass, but what are the products they keep in their professional window cleaning arsenal?

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From the chemicals used to leave a perfectly clear, streak-free finish, to the products and tools that help to make the task of cleaning external windows at height safe and risk-free, we’ll take a look at the commercial cleaning products and innovative equipment that professional window cleaners use to get each job done.


The cleaning products that professional window cleaners swear by


When there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of windows to clean, professional window cleaners can’t afford to use products that don’t leave a reliably streak-free shine, first time. Cleaning interior and exterior windows can also require different types of products, as cleaning external windows means removing often large build-ups of dirt, grime and other unwanted substances such as salt, whereas internal windows are likely to be dusty and smeared with fingerprints.

Commercial glass and window cleaners are designed to tackle these surfaces in busy, high-traffic environments, with formulas that deliver outstanding results. Our range of Glass Cleaners for professionals features products from brands such as Diversey, Cleanline and Cleanline Eco.

Available in ready-mixed bottles, products such as Diversey Care Sprint Glass Cleaner which has been developed for all types of interior and exterior glass, and P&G Glass Cleaner which makes light work of dirt, grease and finger marks, are popular with professional window cleaners as they are ready to be used right away. However, for professional window cleaners that need to travel from location to location, TASKI Sprint Glass Snap N’Dose capsules are filled with highly concentrated glass cleaner that can be mixed with water when needed, removing the need for window cleaners to transport bulky and heavy bottles of products, and free up space in their vehicles or kits.

Ideal for businesses that are looking for ways to become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, there are revolutionary professional window cleaning products that have been designed to require few, or even no synthetic chemicals at all to leave an impeccable finish.

Cleanline Eco Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner has an effective, yet eco-friendly formula with no synthetic fragrances, acetic vinegar or ammonia, that can be applied to glass windows and mirrors with a microfibre cloth yet evaporates to leave surfaces completely free of streaks or smears. On the other hand, designed as a complete window cleaning solution for high-gloss interior surfaces, the Vikan Easy Shine Kit uses only tap water and ultramicrofibre technology to remove over 99.9% of harmful bacteria, plus fingerprints, grease and dirt, leaving a beautifully blemish-free surface.

Not forgetting the tools, professional window cleaners require robust Window Cleaning equipment that can stand up to heavy use. That includes squeegees, wipers and window mops, long-reach handles, and of course buckets, plus window scrapers for removing tough and dried-on dirt so that everyone can enjoy a clearer view.


The innovative tool that makes cleaning high indoor windows safer


We recently saw an article on Cleaning Matters, which revealed some of the challenges faced by cleaning companies in London when tackling the façades of the capital’s unusually-shaped buildings and towering office blocks.

Thankfully, many architects have anticipated the difficulties that window cleaners may face when maintaining the exteriors of these buildings. The Gherkin, designed by Norman Foster in consultancy with façade access company Reef, features a device that slides out of a gap in the side of the building on rails, and can reach the windows above and below for easy cleaning. This also means there is no bulky access equipment on show that spoils the sleek aesthetic of the building, or more importantly, requiring specialist window cleaners to travel to dizzying heights.

Cleaning windows at height is a necessity both indoors and outdoors, and each present their own unique risks and challenges to even the most experienced professionals. Previously on the Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies blog, we’ve showcased the UNGER Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, a revolutionary indoor window cleaning solution that efficiently cleans glass and other surfaces that are up to 4m in height.

Created to be used with their Glass Cleaner with 3M Scotchgard, yet with no drips, runs or mess during cleaning, the Stingray also makes it easy to clean at a distance and without the need to move desks, seating and other obstacles from in front of windows. It can also be used from the ground by cleaners with no training in working at height, thanks to the modular pole system.

For more tips for professional window cleaners, why not take a look at our 10 Spring Cleaning Tips from the Professionals, or even our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business if you’re thinking of starting a commercial window cleaning enterprise.

Do you use any of the window cleaning products or equipment above? What are your top window cleaning tips? Leave us a comment below or send us a tweet at @BunzlCleaning to share them with us.