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Flushing Away Forests: How to Reduce Toilet Tissue Wastage

Did you know that according to WWF, 270,000 trees are shockingly flushed down the drain or end up as rubbish all over the world? Although we might consider ourselves to be environmentally friendly in some aspects, whether it’s through using environmentally friendly cleaning products, or thinking before we print, as one of life’s essentials, often our toilet paper usage isn’t even taken into consideration.

How to Reduce Toilet Tissue Wastage

But it isn’t just the environment that toilet tissue wastage could be having a devastating impact on; it could be your bottom line too. If you are responsible for facilities management within washrooms in high traffic areas, you’ll really need to consider what you are literally flushing down the toilet.

We provide three questions below which you should ask yourself when trying to reduce toilet tissue usage, in turn, helping your washroom become a greener and less wasteful environment.

Are You Using Recycled Toilet Tissue?

Are You Using Recycled Toilet Tissue?

With softness coming out top of the UK’s toilet tissue wish list as identified in our post “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Toilet Tissue”, people are often put off by the idea of recycled toilet paper as they believe it’s ‘hard and scratchy’. However, this is a myth – a range of high-quality recycled tissue products are available that are soft and absorbent and which will not reduce your comfort.

Jack Duckett, senior consumer lifestyles analyst at Mintel, has discussed this through his research:

Just one in 10 thought that using toilet tissue made from recycled paper was important – however 81 per cent said they would buy recycled loo-roll if the quality was comparable.

The fact that the majority of product users would consider buying recycled paper if it matched standard paper for quality suggests that brands need to do more to raise the profile of eco-friendly options, such as product comparison campaigns.”

At Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies, we stock brands such Kimberly-Clark Professional as SCA Tork,  Katrin Metsa and which are made using 100% recycled fibres whilst being highly effective, soft and of an excellent quality. Many of these products are FCS Certified and carry the EU Ecolabel.

Are You Using the Correct Dispenser?

Are You Using the Correct Dispenser?

In areas where there are large volumes of people using your washrooms, clever dispensers are available which limit the amount of toilet roll which can be distributed at once. For example the Tork SmartOne® Toilet Roll Dispenser is a robust dispensing system releasing its toilet roll, sheet-by-sheet. It is so effective it has been proven to reduce consumption by up to 40% when compared to traditional jumbo roll dispensers.

These controlled dispensers are also known for improving hand hygiene, as guests only touch the paper that they will be using.

Are You Aware of the Innovative Options Available?

Are You Aware of the Innovative Options Available?

New to the market, is the innovative, Tork Aqua Tube – conventional toilet tissue with a flushable core, certified to be biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Unlike other cores, Aqua Tube is made of the same material as the toilet paper to ensure disintegration.

What are the Benefits of Tork Aqua Tube?


By using Tork Aqua Tube in your washroom, you’ll be able to achieve the following –

Reduce waste – Aqua Tube is the only core that can be recycled, composted or flushed.

Avoid blockages – Aqua Tube dissolves in water, unlike standard tubes, meaning that it won’t cause clogged drain pipes.

Environmentally friendly – Aqua Tube is certified to be biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. So it’s both safe for the environment and human health.

How does it work?


Unlike other cores that are made of cardboard, the Aqua Tube core is made with the same material as the toilet paper itself (the equivalent of 6 sheets of toilet paper). Close to 10,000 tubes were tested before the first launch. The core loses its strength as soon as it comes in contact with water, then the flush breaks the core into small pieces, meaning it will break down completely inside the drain pipes.

Are there any environmental advantages?

Flushing the core does not require more water than usual – one flush is enough. Aqua Tube does not contain hazardous chemicals and it is completely safe for both the environment and human health.

If you looking to make your washroom more eco-friendly, or simply wish to reduce wastage, browse our extensive of toilet tissue dispensers and toilet tissue and take a look at our monthly special offers which often include unmissable deals on toilet tissue.