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Quiz: It’s A Wipe Out! Which Kind Of Cloth Is Best For My Wiping Needs?

From dusting to sanitising, you’ll agree that wiping is an essential element of every cleaning routine.

wiping quiz

No matter how versatile or hardworking a wiping solution may be, in order to carry out a cleaning task thoroughly and hygienically, there is no ‘one size fits all’ option approach to wiping – meaning choices are endless.

So with such an extensive range of wiping products on offer, from the traditional yellow duster to industrial wiping rolls and dispensers, how do you go about choosing the correct wiping equipment suitable for your needs and industry?


Take our quiz below to test your knowledge on all things wiping. What will you score? You’ve been warned, it isn’t easy!

Need to improve your knowledge? Read more below for further information on all of the different wiping solutions currently on the market.

What Wiping Options Are Available To Me?


At Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene supplies, we understand that the wiping options you’ll choose will be very much dependent upon the type of industry you are in; whether you are looking to reduce the spread of bacteria in a healthcare environment or are looking for a heavy duty cloth to wipe away oil, grease and grime. We take a look at the different options available below –

Microfibre Cloths

Versatile and long lasting, microfibre cloths offer technology that effortlessly traps moisture, dirt and dust. Offering a deep and thorough clean they can clean wood, plastics, metals and glass. An essential part of anyone’s cleaning kit, they can be used many times, and are available in a variety of colours. These cloths are available from well-known brands such as Rubbermaid, Vielda, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Vikan and Robert Scott & Sons.

Non Woven Cloths

Properties of a non- woven cloth allows for a smoother finish; ideal for general purpose cleaning. Versatile and reliable, they are highly absorbent, with the large J-Cloth in blue even absorbing up to up to eight times its weight in water! They can either be machine washed or rinsed out, allowing them to be used again.

Traditional Wiping

From the traditional yellow duster, to dish cloths and sponge cloths, these are the everyday essentials you’ll find in the home and beyond.  All dish cloths are available with a choice of coloured coded threaded edge, or are marked with clear coding stripes for easy identification when in use.


If you work in the catering industry, or even have a kitchen available for your staff in a busy office, scourers will be essential when washing up. Whether you are looking for a general purpose hand scourer, a multipurpose coloured coded sponge scourer, or a heavy-duty stainless steel scourer for the toughest of jobs, there’s an option available to ensure that all dishes are cleaned thoroughly.

Catering Wiping

If you are stocking up on scourers, you may also wish to top up on other kitchen necessities such as kitchen roll, tea towels, oven gloves and catering cleaning cloths. All kitchen rolls have been food contact approved, and oven gloves are of a professional catering quality.

Wet Wiping

Offering sanitising solutions to customers without the need for potentially dangerous chemicals, wet wiping is ideal for office environments and beyond. An easily accessible supply of surface sanitising wipes can significantly improve hygiene and promote a healthier working environment.

Industrial Wiping

Everyone’s best friend in a spill, large industrial wiping rolls are ideal for cleaning up grease, oil and much more in high volume. In order to prevent wastage, single sheet centrefeed dispensing systems or floor stands offer convenient distribution. For something even more hard working, industrial rag wiping can withstand the roughest surfaces and the greatest, oiliest and heaviest spills.

For an exhaustive range of wiping resources, whether you need wholesale qualities or are simply looking for a fresh batch of tea towels, you can browse our wiping range today. Don’t forget to share your quiz scores with us too – Tweet us @BunzlCleaning with your results!