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Which Type Of Cleaner Are You?

Some of us were naturally born to clean, and others don’t mind a bit of mess in their lives.

Everyone feels very differently when it comes to cleaning; more enthusiastic cleaners ensure that cleaning is part of their daily routine, whereas others prefer having a professional cleaner undertake the job to the highest of standards.

Type of Cleaner

However, in our blog post “5 Surprising Reasons Why Cleaning is Good for You”, we revealed that cleaning actually has many benefits for everyone. From helping reduce allergies, to assisting with the release of endorphins, and even helping encourage productivity, there are many reasons why everyone should get involved with cleaning where possible.

The Ultimate Clean Freak


When it comes to cleaning, you’re a total pro. There’s isn’t anything you love more than getting stuck into a good cleaning session. Nothing is safe when you’ve got your trusty rubber gloves by your side. Without people like you, the world would be a much messier place!

The Organised Cleaner


You like to stay on top of cleaning, so things don’t spiral out of control. You make sure that everyone plays their part so that the ‘little and often approach’ really does make a difference. If there’s a cleaning schedule to be written up, you’re the one to ask!

The Panicked Cleaner


Cleaning doesn’t come naturally to you, but you appreciate order and cleanliness (from time to time!). Living a busy lifestyle often doesn’t leave much time for cleaning, but you know how to give things a quick blitz when you’ve got guests coming round. If only they knew that things weren’t always that tidy!

The Reluctant Cleaner


Cleaning is your enemy; there isn’t much you wouldn’t do instead of getting the vacuum cleaner out! One thing is for sure, you aren’t afraid of a bit of dirt and mess in your life. You certainly give the ‘ultimate clean freaks’ in life something to get stuck into!

Regardless of whether you’re an angelic “clean freak”, or instead more of a “reluctant cleaner”, we have all of the cleaning supplies you could never need (whether you use then daily, or only once a year!). Browse our extensive collection today, and don’t miss out on our special offers which are updated on a regular basis.

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