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What are the Essential Items that Every Professional Cleaner Needs?

If you have an aptitude for cleaning, paired with a passion for ironing out people’s problems, then professional cleaning may be the career for you.

essential items every professional cleaner needs plus cleaning product quiz

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by news articles revealing the scale of the demand for professional cleaners, or maybe you have read our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business and are certain that it’s the path you should take.

Today’s blog will be covering the cleaning necessities that you will need to get your new career off the ground; a complete run down of everything you need in your cleaning starter kit to make your career a sparkling success!

Then, try your hand at our super-tricky cleaning quiz to see whether your cleaning knowledge gleams, or whether you need to ‘scrub up’ before you can call yourself a cleaning pro.

The Essential Cleaning Product Kit Every Cleaner Needs

1. Multi-purpose cleaning products

An effective multi-purpose cleaner is the cornerstone of your cleaning kit, so be sure to invest in one that’s fresh, versatile and effective. Take a close look at the label before buying, to make sure it’s suitable on all surfaces.

To be safe, always run your choice of products by your clients, and ask them to flag up any furniture that requires specialised cleaning products. You may also wish to consider environmentally-friendly cleaning products, or powerful biological cleaning products that offer powerful cleaning results without the use of harsh chemicals. Watch the video below to find out how brands such as InnuScience are harnessing the power of biological cleaning.

It’s also important to understand the effect that different types of cleaning products have on various types of soiling. Why not take your product knowledge to the next level by reading up on What Cleaners Need to Know About the pH Scale?

2. Washroom cleaning products

It’s easy to take multi-purpose cleaning products for face value, and use them on all sorts of surfaces in a home. However, vitally, a cleaner does not necessarily disinfect nor does a disinfectant always clean. Meaning, a multi-purpose household cleaner may not necessarily be powerful enough for the nasty germs lingering there.

What you require for your cleaning kit are washroom cleaning products that have been specifically developed for these types of applications. These include washroom cleaners that are able to clean as effectively as they sanitise. And as we all know that washrooms are particularly prone to unpleasant lingering odours, you should always be stocked with an odour neutralising cleaning product.

3. Floor care equipment

A cleaning kit staple, no professional cleaner is worth their weight in salt without a powerful vacuum cleaner. Whether you choose a friendly-faced Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner, or an upright vacuum cleaner, this is one piece of equipment that no professional cleaner can be without.

And then of course there are the hard surfaces such as kitchen and washroom floors, for which you will require a reliable mop and bucket. For an innovative approach to mopping, why not discover the ‘spin mop’ which makes wringing out your mop a much faster process!

Then don’t forget your wet floor signs, which are crucially important to ensure that your team and your clients are kept safe from harm.

4. Microfibre cloths

You may need several types of wiping cloths for different types of cleaning tasks, however cleaning pros rant and rave about the power of the humble microfibre cloth.

This is because it has tiny ‘hooks’ at the end of each fibre, meaning any germs or dirt are no match for its lifting prowess. They’re even cost-effective. This is because cleaning with a microfibre cloth wipes out the need to use excessive cleaning products on tough dirt – and in some applications, using water can even make the cloths less effective.

5. Gloves

As a professional cleaner, taking care of your skin and protecting your hands against harsh chemicals is not just important – it’s essential. Gloves should be an integral part of your cleaning kit at all times to ensure that your skin stays healthy and happy.

To find the right protective gloves for every cleaning task, take a look at our blog post Which Rubber Gloves Scrub Up Best for My Needs?