Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies are proud to be in partnership with FieldBots to provide effortless maintenance with cloud software to control robotic fleets, the 21st Century way, for the professional cleaning market.

FieldBots is not just about cleaning, it’s about effortless maintenance. Reduce the hassle of manual cleaning and charging vacuums as FieldBots takes care of it all. With cutting-edge software that can effortlessly manage multiple machines from any manufacturer giving complete control to the individual users’ needs in their facilities. Currently, FieldBots software can equip equip Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies exclusive partner Cleanfix’s S170 Navi robot to bring efficient cleaning for professionals. In addition to Cleanfix S170 Navi, FieldBots can also control fleets of robots from SoftBank, Whiz and Gausium.

Through self-mapping technology, FieldBots navigates the area that needs cleaning and begins vacuuming once it has mapped the area. FieldBots enables cleaning robots to learn, adapt, and change through an intelligent system. With this innovative self-mapping technology, cleaning can be completed without requiring cameras or microphones, guaranteeing complete privacy. All FieldBots systems hold valuable information securely within Europe to ensure the highest protection, security, and compliance.

With further intelligent mapping capabilities, FieldBots software automatically maps and can be edited to implement unique cleaning zones by editing the names of rooms on the software, mapping, and splitting a layout to make cleaning even more niche to each user depending on zone, spot, or total cleaning.

As well as In-app alerts with detailed statistics and reports on the total fleet of per unit exports to ensure cleaning has been fulfilled and live tracking of each bot’s cleaning path. Convenience is key, with remote control access available to start the cleaning process. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can unleash the power of FieldBots from anywhere in the world. Once the cleaning is complete, FieldBots sends an email alert, ensuring the user is fully updated.

Cloud-based fleet management ensures coordination across the vacuuming process, from controlled robotic fleets, hassle-free management, alerts when cleaning is completed and exports of cleaning data. This allows businesses to provide more efficient cleaning by controlling fleets and reducing time spent vacuuming, let FieldBots seemless integration of multiple robotics manage your cleaning in one tool.

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