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How to Choose a Good Professional Cleaner

According to recent figures, more people than ever are hiring professional cleaners – particularly among younger generations, with half of millennials now employing cleaners to support them in their busy lives. But whatever your reasons for doing so may be, how do you choose a good, reliable professional cleaner for your home or business?

How to Choose a Good Professional Cleaner

In this blog post, we’re going to look at the process involved when hiring a professional cleaner or cleaning company; from the qualities of a good cleaner, to the questions to ask, and finally what to expect from your service!


Where do I start with hiring a cleaner?


where do I start with hiring a professional cleaner

There are many factors to consider when looking for a cleaner, but it’s important that you only start seeking out the service once you know exactly what you need from it. So first of all, consider what sort of budget you have for cleaning services, which will be based upon how often you will require a cleaner to attend your property, and how long they will need to spend each time.

Identify potential candidates through a quick online search for cleaning services in your local area. Also, ask friends or other businesses whether they have any recommendations. At this point in the process, reviews and customer testimonials are your best friends, and you can whittle down all potential candidates using online reviews and word-of-mouth! It’s important to be critical right off the bat, so you can ensure your time isn’t wasted, and you quickly find the right cleaner for you.


How do I decide on which cleaner to hire?


how do I decide on which cleaner to hire

Hopefully, this whole process marks the beginning of a long-term professional relationship which can’t be built on reviews alone. So, at this point you should take advantage of free consultations offered by cleaning companies which provides you with the opportunity to meet them in person too. It’s important to gauge whether this is someone you’d work well with, not just financially but personally, particularly if you are seeking a cleaner for your home.

Look out for the key traits that will make the potential candidate a success. A good cleaner has the appropriate skills and qualifications from bodies such as the BICSc, as well as an arsenal of high quality cleaning products and equipment at their disposal. They should also be trustworthy, friendly and perceptive. For more information on how to identify a good quality cleaner, why not read our blog 10 Traits of Highly Successful Cleaners.

Interviewing a number of cleaners or cleaning businesses is advisable. During this time, why not take them on a tour around the premises that they will be cleaning, and ask them to estimate prices and time scales? Also, use this time to consult with them about the cleaning products they use, or any tools they may need you to supply them with.

You should consider the finer details at this point, such as informing the candidate of any people in the area who are intolerant of certain cleaning chemicals. Or perhaps you’re looking to be conscious of the environment, and would prefer they use environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are all important questions, which you should prepare beforehand to make sure all of your concerns are covered and you can make an informed decision.


What should I expect from a professional cleaning service?


what should I expect from a professional cleaning service

Your cleaner should be a reliable and conscientious person. However, they also need direction! As long as you’re clear about your needs and expectations, then you and your professional cleaner should be a match made in heaven. At this point in the process, you should sort out all the paper work and conduct an initial walkthrough of all the regular cleaning tasks you’d like to be fulfilled.

Moving forward it’s advisable to offer supportive feedback to your cleaner, to make sure you’re both happy with the arrangement and that your standards and expectations are being met.

We hope that you’ve found our tips on choosing a reliable and professional cleaner useful – but on the other hand, if you’re considering launching a cleaning service of your own, then our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business is the ideal place to begin.

What are your top tips on choosing a suitable professional cleaner? Leave us a comment below or tweet us at @BunzlCleaning and join the discussion!




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