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How To Remove Moss And Algae Using Biological Cleaning Products

Whether it is a pathway, a set of steps, or even a patio, removing moss and algae can often feel like an endless battle.

Incredibly, moss can survive for weeks without water by reducing its metabolism to almost zero during the summer months, so we understand that it really can be difficult to remove!

Contrary to popular belief, algae or moss do not damage the surface that they are growing on (Royal Horticultural Society), but can cause drives, paths, steps and patios to become very slippery. As well as being unsightly, this means that you could have a potential health and safety hazard on your hands– especially in high traffic areas. The presence of moss and algae can also become dangerous if it is growing on wooden structures, as it can contribute to the weathering process.

Moss and algae thrive in damp climates, so it is no surprise to hear that they are so common in the UK! Winter is traditionally the time when their growth is most significant, but the build-up can happen during any wet period, or in shady, humid areas.

How Do I Remove Moss And Algae?


Moss and algae can be removed by either chemical or non- chemical control methods. The non-chemical methods may include dislodging moss from paving with a sharp knife, using a pressure washer, or brushing hard surfaces with a stiff broom. The more extreme option of using chemicals, may involve using products based on benzalkonium chloride, acetic acid or hydrochloric acid, but some of these are not recommended for use near plants, and could discolour certain types of stone.

At Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies, we recommend using a natural source to help you manage the problem with ease – you can find out more below.

Using Pro 59 Biological Moss & Algae Remover

Created by Cleantec Innovation, Pro 59 Biological Moss & Algae Remover is an external surface cleaner specifically formulated to treat and clean areas where moss, algae, guano, and other organic grime builds up. After just one application, this product continues to break down organic matter long after you’ve finished cleaning, helping to extend the period between treatments.

It can be safely used on a wide variety of external surfaces including pathways, patios, steps and stairs, pavements, slipways, decking, fencing, roof tops, driveways, pool and pond surrounds, playgrounds, canvas and plastic.

See it for yourself below!

This environmentally responsible, biological solution contains no caustic acid, bleach or solvents and can be used on virtually any external surface. In fact, one litre of Pro 59 can treat as much as 25m² which gives the user a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to the removal of moss and algae.

Pro 59 contains natural live ingredients and is 100% biodegradable making it safe for people, animals and the environment.

The Pioneering Features Of Cleantec Innovation’s Moss And Algae Remover

  • Technology advanced biological cleaner
  • Environmentally responsible
  • No caustic acid, bleach or solvents
  • Use on almost any external surface
  • 1 litre of concentrate treats approx. 25m²

If you wish to see the back of moss and algae, you can find out more and shop the Cleantec Innovation Pro 59 Algae & Moss Remover here. Its safety data sheet is available here. It is available in two sizes, a convenient 500ml size, and a larger 5l size for bigger areas.

Have you ever had problems with moss and algae? Have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them, so comment below, or Tweet us @BunzlCleaning.

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